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7 October at 10:34

Dank Of England Hotbox London Eye

Doobs and Doritos Everything You Need For The London Eye Watch as Dank Of England hotbox the London Eye for 420. this video was produced by Troll Station for their Youtube account.

6 October at 12:25

Video – Cannabis Stop Motion – From Seed To Tree

Stop Motion- From Seed To Tree Watch the journey as this seed turns into a mighty tree!

6 October at 11:35

Cannabis Oil And Epilepsy

Cannabis Oil Epilepsy Watch Alex talk about the challenges he faced when his daughter was having 40-50 seizures every day. She took 9 different medications which had little effect. Alex researched and persuaded his Dr to prescribe medical Marijuana for his daughter before facing further challenges as the law only permitted use of dry herb [...]

5 October at 12:37

Video – How Do Drugs Effect Spider Web Patterns

How Do Different Drugs Effect Spiders Web Patterns These spiders make some pretty bizarre web patterns and they show some even more bizarre behavior. Watch As The Crack Spider Steals Others Another Spiders Web This ones for some light relief. Enjoy watching as the THC spider builds a hammock and the meth spider has a [...]

4 October at 4:42

Video- Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative 2016 Yes Advert

Retired Boston Police Lieutenant Tom Nolan is Voting Yes Watch the video to find out why Retired Police Lieutenant Tom Nolan is voting yes on question 4. This video is from the Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative 2016 Youtube account. He is supporting it because it will bring in millions of dollars every year in tax revenues. This [...]

4 October at 12:45

Granny’s First time in Amsterdam

Three Granny's Visit Amsterdam And Try Weed For The First Time Watch as they try to make a spliff, hit the bong, eat space cake and try a vaporizer before visiting the local park. Channel 4 have produced a show called A Granny's Guide To The Modern World. Meet Trish, Margot and Daphne who explore [...]

3 October at 1:03

Video- Bird Steals Joint From Mans Hand

Video- Watch As Bird Steals Joint From Mans Hand You'd be so annoyed but at least the sneaky little joint thief was caught on camera!

26 September at 4:01

Video- Arizona Marijuana Initiative- Yes on Prop 205- Money For Schools

The Arizona Marijuana Initiative 2016 Yes on prop 205 video. A Mother, a Teacher and a Grandmother say yes on prop 205 as the money raised from taxes can be used for education. This video is from the Arizona Marijuana Initiative 2016. their Youtube channel can be found here

25 August at 5:26

Content Writers Wanted

Legalize It? We Think So! Is looking for bloggers, reviewers and content writers. We have amassed a following of over 500,000 people on Facebook and have recently relaunched our site where we will campaign for legalization for both medicinal and recreational use, inform the masses about what is happening in the cannabis industry and entertain our readers with cannabis related articles, recipes [...]

18 August at 5:38

Win $500 Free Gift Bag From SeedSupreme

Win $500 Free Gift Bag From SeedSupreme! Win $500 worth of Cannabis goodies so you can throw your very own cannabis party! A selection of amazing strains and other cannabis paraphernalia has been provided by our friends at Seed Supreme to give away for FREE! How Do I Enter? Easily is how, click on this link [...]

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