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3 October at 1:03

Video- Bird Steals Joint From Mans Hand

Video- Watch As Bird Steals Joint From Mans Hand You'd be so annoyed but at least the sneaky little joint thief was caught on camera!

26 September at 4:01

Video- Arizona Marijuana Initiative- Yes on Prop 205- Money For Schools

The Arizona Marijuana Initiative 2016 Yes on prop 205 video. A Mother, a Teacher and a Grandmother say yes on prop 205 as the money raised from taxes can be used for education. This video is from the Arizona Marijuana Initiative 2016. their Youtube channel can be found here

25 August at 5:26

Content Writers Wanted

Legalize It? We Think So! Is looking for bloggers, reviewers and content writers. We have amassed a following of over 500,000 people on Facebook and have recently relaunched our site where we will campaign for legalization for both medicinal and recreational use, inform the masses about what is happening in the cannabis industry and entertain our readers with cannabis related articles, recipes [...]

18 August at 5:38

Win $500 Free Gift Bag From SeedSupreme

Win $500 Free Gift Bag From SeedSupreme! Win $500 worth of Cannabis goodies so you can throw your very own cannabis party! A selection of amazing strains and other cannabis paraphernalia has been provided by our friends at Seed Supreme to give away for FREE! How Do I Enter? Easily is how, click on this link [...]

5 August at 2:39

Indoor Vs Outdoor – Time For a Rethink?

It’s one of the oldest, most common and arguably most important questions in the world of cannabis cultivators. If you are lucky enough to have the option of growing outdoors, would it still be in your best interests to set up your plantation indoors? As a general rule of thumb, it’s long been argued that [...]

4 August at 11:50

Global Cannabis Use – A Brief History

Depending on where you happen to live, right now could very well be one of the most exciting periods in the history of cannabis use. After a seemingly endless period of ignorance and small-mindedness, we’re slowly but surely entering an era where both science and common sense are taking precedence over outdated assumptions and prejudice. [...]

3 August at 2:47

Famous Faces Who Toke for Medical Purposes

Celebrities have the potential to be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to marijuana and the whole legalisation debate. In some instances, they may come out with deeply insightful statements, they take a stand against ridiculously outdated law and a generally do their bit for the cause. In other instances, however, they [...]

1 August at 2:51

Pots Vs Open Soil – Which Works Best?

As far as most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs worldwide are concerned, outdoor growing is really the only way to grow. Which is all well and good if you’re lucky enough to have the luxury of choice – most home growers being stuck with indoor growing methods due to a simple lack of options. But if you [...]

29 July at 2:54

Soil Vs Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation

It’s often said that there’s more than one way to skin a cat – something that rings true in a big way when it comes to weed cultivation. There are lots of ways of going about growing weed at home, of which every single one has the potential to produce seriously decent results. But at [...]

28 July at 2:55

Marijuana Hangovers – They’re Real, They Suck…So Deal with Them Right!

Anyone who tries to tell you that weed hangovers don’t exist either a) has never had one or b) is trying to look hard-core and failing. The truth of the matter is that not only do weed hangovers exist, but they are absolutely horrible. You wake up, you’ve got a banging headache that just won’t [...]

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