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18 July at 2:06

Cannabis Tourism – The Global Destinations You Just Have to Check Out

Marijuana tourism is already a big deal all over the world and is only set to go on exploding in popularity and importance. With every state, region and country that gets on board with relaxed pot legislation, new opportunities open up for those looking to sample what’s on offer overseas. The United States and Canada [...]

15 July at 2:03

Giving Your Cannabis Plants Exactly What They Need

While it’s fair to say that growing cannabis is both an art form and a very exact science, marijuana plants themselves are not particularly demanding. The fact that they grow so prolifically in the wild when provided with ideal conditions illustrates the point quite conclusively. It’s not as if marijuana is a rare or fragile [...]

12 July at 1:57

Should I Grow Cannabis Indoors or Outdoors? Key Considerations

For the vast majority of novice cannabis growers, growing outdoors isn’t a realistic option. The reason being that even if they happen to live in a climate that’s completely suitable for marijuana growth, the fact that cannabis cultivation is illegal somewhat dilutes the appeal of growing outdoors. And then of course there’s the small issue [...]

11 July at 1:53

Cannabis Clones Vs Seeds – Pros and Cons to Consider

If you’ve made the decision to set up your very first cannabis plantation…well, first of all congratulations on heading one step closer to becoming a real connoisseur! That being said, there is one decision of extraordinary importance you need to make before even thinking about getting started. Find any cannabis grower with an opinion on [...]

6 July at 1:21

Synthetic Cannabis – Why you should stay away!

If there’s one thing you can say for sure about the recreational drugs market, it’s that folk are always on the lookout for something capable of recreating the effects of cannabis. Which for the most part comes down to the fact that recreational marijuana is still illegal in most regions, meaning that if there is [...]

4 July at 1:14

One (and Only One) Reason to Vote Trump – Legal Pot!

Regardless of where you happen to live in the world, it’s probably safe to say that you have your own very unique opinions on one Donald Trump. And if you happen to have a modicum of common sense about you, chances are your particular opinion isn’t exactly positive. There are quite literally millions of American [...]

1 July at 1:10

More Doctors and Medical Professionals Support Marijuana Legalisation

It’s not until medical professionals give their backing to weed legalisation that much of the world listens. Not that all the scientific evidence in the world will ever be enough to convince hard-line critics, but still…the more experts that take the side of common sense, the better. Which is why this week’s developments have been [...]

30 June at 12:01

Fact: The Smell of Marijuana is Not a Problem…So Says US Court

It’s pretty much inevitable that as cannabis legalisation slowly but surely makes its way across more of the world, critics are going to find increasingly creative ways of throwing tantrums. The simple fact of the matter is that we are never going to find ourselves in a time when everyone agrees on existing marijuana policy [...]

29 June at 11:46

Cannabis Legalisation in the UK – The Eternal Fight for Common Sense

The subject of cannabis legalisation in the United Kingdom is interesting, important and infuriating in equal measures. Any government willing to fire its leading government-appointed drug expert simply for telling the truth and not agreeing with archaic public health policy is always going to be an odd one. You’re a leading scientist, you proclaim quite [...]

27 June at 11:28

Canada Set to Show the US Cannabis Industry How it’s Done

You’d be forgiven for thinking that if you were lucky enough to run a leading marijuana dispensary in Denver, you’d be pretty much set for life. Not only this, but you’d also be lucky enough to have landed yourself the dream job of a lifetime. In reality however, and despite the fact that this is [...]

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