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24 June at 11:22

114 Reasons Why the Weed Vs Alcohol Debate Is Over

Chances are that even centuries down the line, the world will still be debating whether marijuana or alcohol represents the bigger public menace. We live in an era where mass confusion and contradictory governmental policies are pretty much the everyday standard. Some say it comes down to the incompetence of officials, while others believe it’s [...]

22 June at 9:42

The Stoner Bucket List – 30 Things to Do Before You Die

At the risk of bumming out a fair few readers, let’s face – the bell tolls for every last one of us. Which means there are basically two ways you can approach the time between now and then. You can spend the time you have worrying about the inevitable and basically living into a pit [...]

21 June at 8:43

The 17 Most Annoying Habits of Your Stoner Friends

Any person that tells you their friends don’t have habits that annoy the living hell out of them is lying to you. Every last one of us is guilty of having the odd bad habit, which to one extent or another will never fail to seriously irritate other people. It’s just that some people tend [...]

17 June at 6:53

The Ten Types of Weed Dealers In Your Life

Unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere that permits legal cultivation of marijuana, chances are you are stuck dealing with dealers. Which doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the world – it’s certainly easier and considerably less risky than starting your own DIY cannabis farm.  Nevertheless, you’ll no doubt find along the [...]

16 June at 6:41

12 Movies You Should Never Watch While High

It’s often said that marijuana has the unique, profound and deeply magical ability to make absolutely any movie fantastic. Indeed, there’s no denying that hitting the cinema or watching movies at home can be transformed into the most extraordinarily enjoyable experience by throwing a few joints into the mix.  And what’s more, it’s also perfectly [...]

14 June at 2:35

Cost-Effective Cannabis – Which Method Is Most Efficient?

It’s all well and good if you’ve got either an endless stockpile of buds on-hand at all times, or sufficient cash to buy as much of the stuff as you want, any time you want it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen to be the reality of life for the vast majority of people, who instead have [...]

13 June at 6:28

Figuring Out the Kind of Stoner You Really Are

Categorisation and pigeonholing are two things that have no place in the weed community. But at the same time, there are also about a million clichés and stereotypes that couldn’t be more accurate. Like it or not, you yourself no doubt fit into one of the ‘standard’ categories of stoners – the reason being, we [...]

12 June at 6:14

Epic Stoner Pranks You Just Have to Try Out

Just to nail one very important point before going any further, no…we don’t think freaking out anyone who’s had too much is a good idea. Taking advantage of someone else’s steadily-accelerating freak-out for your own entertainment really isn’t cool. So when it comes to freaking out the already-freaking, we say no…don’t even do it. However, [...]

9 June at 4:11

36 Things You Only Realise When You’re High

If you want to get at least slightly deep and reflective for a moment, this is the article for you! Try to explain the way your perceptions on almost everything in life change after smoking a few joints to someone who doesn’t touch the stuff and they will seriously not get it. In fact, you [...]

8 June at 3:58

35 Signs You’re Way More Stoned Than You Thought

It’s a scenario each and every stoner on the face of the earth has experienced on more than one occasion. You set out to get high, but somewhere along the way you got somewhat carried away and ended up borderline vegetative. We all have our unique points of no return, after which the only two [...]

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