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Cannabiz Confidante is a Lawyer and cannabis business consultant living in Southern California. She writes about legalization and federal policy at In her spare time, she enjoys painting, practices yoga and drinks too much coffee.
4 April at 10:27

Moving Cannabis Products Across State Lines – What is the Legal Status?

Marijuana distribution could face increased US federal scrutiny and enforcement despite the growth of legal state markets By now, most of us have seen Sean Spicer’s and Jeff Sessions’ vague comments hinting at greater enforcement federal enforcement efforts against legalized marijuana. AG Sessions has yet to put forth any formal federal enforcement priorities that would [...]

14 March at 10:01

Marijuana Rescheduling, How Is It Done and Why Is It So Important?

It’s been called one of the most misunderstood concepts in the drug policy arena. Cannabis legalization advocates believe that rescheduling marijuana to a different Schedule of the Controlled Substances Act will solve several big problems the industry faces, such as a lack of banking access and the threat of federal raids or shutdowns. However, each [...]

28 December at 10:25

Cannabis Drug Tests Aren’t Going Anywhere

Employers Can and Will Drug Test Even if Cannabis is Legal One of the most common misconceptions that has come up frequently in the weeks after adult-use marijuana legalization in California is that employers can’t or won’t test for marijuana exposure anymore. This is absolutely false and it’s time that we clear this up! Why [...]

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