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Dasi is a New Jersey native with a Bachelors in English from Rutgers University. She spent nearly a decade working in New York Real Estate before she left the Big Apple to explore the big world outside of the United States. She traveled for 18 months in Central and South America, during which time she learned Spanish, taught English and got training to be a Thai masseuse among many other things. Writing, yoga and odd jobs have become some of her favorite pastimes.
6 January at 11:16

Working On a Cannabis Farm, The Life of a Trim-migrant

My first few weeks in Oregon and California were extremely chaotic, but fortunately and quite unexpectedly I found an awesome gig just in the nick of time.  In between air bnb rentals & a costly weekend in the Napa Valley, I got a promising response to  one of my craigslist ads and the next day [...]

4 November at 11:36

The Life of a Trim-migrant in the USA

The Green Rush Begins A new regular column from Dasi. Dasi works in the cannabis industry travelling from legal state to legal state working as a bud trimmer. Dasi will share her experiences on LIWTS giving an independent look at what the life of a bud trimmer is really like. The first time I heard [...]

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