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Most of my life (30 plus years) I have been connected to cannabis. Yet in 2015 I would actually learn how it would/could be a medicine after two back injuries. This led me to also go after and complete a certificate in Massachusetts at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis to begin trying to learn as much as possible about cannabis and hemp (always learning more). Now I just want to use everything I've been taught to work towards the coming movement this November 8th.
3 November at 1:20

Medical Marijuana For Beginners

A Beginners Guide to Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana So here you are, you have received your state ID for Medical Marijuana (card, certificate, etc.) and have your doctors recommendation in hand, but now what?  Things can get very confusing pretty fast if you either have no experience with cannabis or have not used it [...]

13 September at 5:23

Cannabis Prohibition in the USA- Illegal and the Journey To Legalization

The history of cannabis is long and rich in its content. I do hope to touch upon many of the interesting and wonderful facts of this incredible plant. For now though, I am going to concentrate on just the most current era and within the United States. There are moments going back to the early [...]

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