A History Of Cannabis Prohibition by Thomas E Young- Part 4

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George H W Bush speech on drugs

President George H. W. Bush would only serve a short yet intense and highly fraught single term.  Not for a single minute should anyone remember differently than the fact that the first President Bush would be against all drugs (so this would include cannabis) and would  make sure to leave his mark within the war on drugs.  It would be near the beginning of his presidency that he would take his first shot with his famous ‘crack’ speech on September 5th, 1989 which he gave from the oval office.

President Bush would use a prop of some crack cocaine which had been bought just across the street. A set up buy made by some undercover agents from the White House. This was the ‘proof’ needed to carry on with the zero tolerance initiatives which had been started by President Reagan.  This was his rallying cry, used to double down with the war on drugs and along with the pledge for more funding in order to fulfill the fact that, “we need more jails, more prisons, more courts and more prosecutors.”


Here he would be setting the stage for a wave of incarceration that would be coming.  For all the damage that he would still do with the war on drugs; he was once again a President preoccupied with far too many compelling issues.  The Gulf War would be just one  pressing matter on through with the domestic policy issues (remember no new taxes?) President Bush was dealing with for him to truly concentrate more on the war on drugs.

He wasn’t as able to be focused such as Reagan had been with his First Lady’s program of ‘Just Say No’ or through the insulting “this is your brain on drugs” commercials.  Yet  again, make no mistake that the senior President Bush had done his part during his presidency and that he had long been making his mark in the war on drugs.  Remember he had been Director of Central Intelligence (1976–77) and had even been part of big pharma when he had been appointed as the director of Eli Lilly in 1977.  This senior Bush would set the stage ultimately for the next three presidents to come.

This is your brain on drugs