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    So I haven’t grown any Autoflowers before but I would love to try them out to see. You’ve got all your standard autos of classic strains like Auto White Widow, Auto Northern Lights, Auto Skunk #1, Auto Purple Kush etc. I’m looking to try something a little different, I read about Short Stuff’s Tha Shiznit, which apparently someone managed to get 18oz off a single plant, which is just insane.

    Anyone else know of any amazing Autos?

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    Im also looking to grow some autos, THC Bomb Auto looks incredibly good for well obviously its very high THC levels. Tha Shiznit does indeed seem crazy good for it to be possible to get that kind of yield off of a single plant.

    I think the thing I love about autos really is their insanely fast from seed to harvest times, Lowryder for expample can give 40g per plant in as little at 45 days.

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    I prefer to stay away from Autoflowers, however I realize that they can be very good at certain things, like easily being able to grow all year round without problems. Great for not having to adjust light schedules etc. Just generally great for beginners too.

    Fast Buds seeds seem very popular at the moment, If you are interested in getting some autos I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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