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    The key to making the best cannabis foods starts with the key ingredient, the cannabis oil. You can pretty much use any kind of oil, but the ones with the highest fat content are usually the best. My favorites are coconut oil for sweet foods and olive oil for savory foods. Some oils like rapeseed oil are good because they can be used for both since it has a very mild flavor.

    The most crucial part of making cannabis oil is to use a very low heat, you must never burn cannabis oil or it will be ruined. The best way I’ve found it to use a slow cooker set on the lowest temperature. This way you can leave it for hours knowing that it will not get too hot.

    Once your oil/butter is ready you can use it in place of regular non cannabis infused oil/butter in any of your favorite recipes!


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    Yeah man, that’s awesome, thanks for this really helpful post. I definitely need to get into making some more cannabis foods, Imagine, like cannabis lasagne, or pizza or something… hell yeah! 😀

    I don’t have a slow cooker but I guess I can just do it in a pan on a super low heat and stir it a lot.

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    Man I absolutely love cake, and what is better than bringing the awesomeness of cake and marijuana together?

    Thanks for all this info, the slow cooker idea does sound really great for someone who is super lazy like me.

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