27 July at 3:00

The Cannabis Life Cycle – The Four Stages of Plant Growth

As any seasoned horticulturalist will tell you, the key to success in absolutely any growing effort lies in understanding your plants lifecycle. The more you know about what it is you are attempting to grow, the more likely you are to succeed. And it’s exactly the same case with cannabis plants, as while you do [...]

19 July at 2:07

How to Dry Marijuana Buds…Properly!

If you’ve ever successfully gone about marijuana cultivation only to watch your precious buds waste away before your very eyes…well, let’s just say you are far from in the minority. The problem being that so many growers initially underestimate the importance of how to dry marijuana in accordance with a strict set of rules and [...]

14 July at 2:01

Determining When to Harvest Marijuana Outdoors

When should you harvest marijuana from you outdoor grow? If you are lucky enough to live in a region where growing marijuana outdoors is possible…well, first of all you really should be counting your lucky stars! As far as the world’s leading connoisseurs are concerned, absolutely any grower with even the slightest possibility of taking [...]

7 July at 2:58

The 10 Biggest Rookie Errors of Novice Cannabis Growers

There’s nothing quite as soul destroying as genuinely putting your heart and soul into a cannabis growing endeavour, only to watch the whole thing come crashing down before getting anything out of it whatsoever. It’s not as if anyone sets about the process of growing marijuana with the intention of failing, but each and every [...]

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