15 March at 10:27

Oakland Strips Non-Residents of Marijuana Business Licenses

As things stand right now, the North American states that have legalized recreational cannabis have opened their doors and kick-started something of a free for all licensing for anyone looking to get involved. You might not happen to live in Boston for example, but just as long as you’re within a realistic commuting distance, there’s [...]

14 March at 10:01

Marijuana Rescheduling, How Is It Done and Why Is It So Important?

It’s been called one of the most misunderstood concepts in the drug policy arena. Cannabis legalization advocates believe that rescheduling marijuana to a different Schedule of the Controlled Substances Act will solve several big problems the industry faces, such as a lack of banking access and the threat of federal raids or shutdowns. However, each [...]

13 March at 10:32

Newly Formed US Cannabis Caucus the People’s Trump Card?

From an outsider’s perspective, the cannabis community in the United States is right now just about the luckiest in the entire world. They might not have gone quite so far as Uruguay, but the pot policy reforms rolled out of the last few months have been both historic and life-changing for millions. It’s the dawn [...]

6 March at 10:38

Jeff Sessions Believes Cannabis Causes “Real Violence”

The US government continues to flex its bureaucratic muscle and engage in the kind of rhetoric that really isn’t doing anyone any favours. You wouldn’t expect hardcore critics like Attorney General Jeff Sessions to suddenly turn around and throw his weight behind cannabis legalization, but given the facts on the table, you’d also think it [...]

2 March at 10:26

Medical Cannabis Sales to Begin in Australia Within Weeks

We recently reported on the way in which leading politicians in Australia were pushing for the country’s medical cannabis program to be stepped up a gear, in order to ensure that those in urgent need would not be forced to continue waiting in vain. Despite the fact that the country currently has a very weak [...]

28 February at 11:17

More Evidence Suggests Cannabis Could Curb Opioid Addiction in US

Despite on-going efforts by local and national governments, the war on opioid addiction and abuse in the United States is failing. The statistics are no less than shocking – approximate 90 Americans die every single day from opioid overdoses. Various regions have experimented with the implementation of various measures and programs to help bring things [...]

27 February at 10:25

Australia Seeks Overseas Medical Marijuana Supplier

  Australia Seeks Overseas Supplier for Medical Pot There’s been further activity on the other side of the world as Australia steps closer towards an era of widely available medical cannabis. Though things are already happening…albeit at a painfully slow pace…Labor leader Bill Shorten is now pushing the government to speed things up and make [...]

27 February at 10:09

Donald Trump Talks Drugs as ‘Cheap as Candy Bars’

Once again, Donald Trump has held the kind of press conference that resulted in most of those in attendance left scratching their heads a little. He’s become known for his somewhat rambling and confusing speeches as of late – particularly those aimed at the press. In this instance though, he was introducing the world to [...]

22 February at 10:16

Which US States Could Legalize Marijuana 2017?

The subject as to additional north American States legalizing recreational and/or medical cannabis is more a case of when, rather than if. Following the monumental shift in US cannabis policy on the back of the November 2016 ballots, it is now seen as something of an inevitability that further states will head in the same [...]

20 February at 10:19

Brazil Supreme Court Judge Wants Urgent Drug Decriminalisation

Yet another prominent official has highlighted the potential benefit and importance of considering a more liberal drug policy for an entire country. As it stands, Brazil continues to find itself gripped by a tidal wave of violent crime on the part of drug gangs that are becoming increasingly powerful and dangerous. According to Justice Roberto [...]

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