7 September at 10:39

Grand Daddy Purple Strain Information

First up, it’s not as if Grand Daddy Purple is anything close to a newcomer to the scene. In fact, it’s been doing the business all over the place for more than five years now. Prior to Cookies hitting its stride and becoming the go-to Indica for the masses, it was GDP that ruled the [...]

31 July at 9:58

Afgoo AKA Afgooey by Strain Hunters

A strain that often splits critics right down the middle, the exact origins of Afgoo, or Afgooey as it is also known, remain a bit of a mystery. We know it was cooked up for medicinal purposes in California and features the genetics of Maui Haze and Afghani #1. What we don’t know about this [...]

20 July at 10:28

Under the Microscope: Girl Scout Cookies

When it comes to cannabis strains, we all have our own personal favourites. Not to mention the kinds of strains we proudly proclaim to be no less than legendary. Even if they’re not your usual thing, you can’t really call yourself a cannabis connoisseur without experiencing them. Which is precisely why we’ve chosen the Girl [...]

17 July at 10:05

Purple Cream – A Mysterious Medical Marvel

Though we know Purple Cream was cooked up originally in California, there’s little we know about its genetic origins. There’s definitely some skunk in there somewhere, along with quality Kush from India or Afghanistan. This is pretty much given away by the gorgeously deep and earthy skunk fragrance. When burned the Purple Cream strain takes [...]

27 February at 11:03

Purple Bud – A Stunningly Coloured Indica Delight

To produce the best Purple bud possible, you sometimes need to bring together the best of all worlds. Or at least, the best genetics from a bunch of global cannabis hotspots – Afghanistan, The Netherlands and California springing immediately to mind. That’s exactly what you’re looking at in Purple Bud – a gorgeous Afghani- Indica [...]

30 January at 10:59

OG Kush, An Indica Heavy Legendary Strain

There are some cannabis strains that are well known and popular – then there are those that are legendary, then there's OG Kush, in a league of its own. Originally developed in San Fernando Valley in Southern California, this is a seriously heavy hitting Indica strain that’s made its way into dozens of epic lineages over [...]

25 January at 11:43

Purple Urkle Indica Dominant Medical Marijuana

Purple Urkle is something of a mystery to this day, there’s still pretty much zero to go on with regard to the true genetic origins. It’s been mentioned on more than a few occasions that Mendocino Purps and Grandaddy Purple might be in there, but it’s never been confirmed either way. That being said, when [...]

23 January at 11:16

Medi Bomb #1 High CBD High THC Medical Strain

Primarily turned to as a medicinal strain, Medi Bomb #1 by Bomb Seeds has plenty of appeal in recreational as well as medical circles. It was produced by bringing together Bomb #1 with an undisclosed medical strain from Holland, resulting in a powerful, CBD-heavy strain that serves multiple purposes. The fragrance is predominantly skunky and earthy, [...]

25 November at 5:08

Cataract Kush- a Medical Hybrid Strain

Why such a bizarre name? it’s easy really – a few hits of Cataract Kush and you’ll be left feeling like your own eyes aren’t working properly. It’ll wear off soon enough of course so there’s no need to panic – it’s actually a pretty enjoyable experience. Cataract Kush Effects With Cataract Kush, it’s all [...]

23 November at 12:08

White Rhino – Indica Strain hitting 25% THC

Bringing together some of the very best attributes you’d expect from quality Afghani, Brazilian and Indian cannabis strains, White Rhino delivers the total package. Having scooped up the silver medal in the Bio category at the Cannabis Cup in 1996, its global fame was pretty much assured almost two decades ago. Today, it remains renowned [...]

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