26 October at 12:42

The 8 Best Halloween Weed Strains

Halloween is just around the corner and I'm sure you're all wondering what strain should I be smoking and which will go with my costume. Well you probably weren't, but we're going to give you a run down of our favourite spooky strains anyway. Some you will have heard of, others you'll be certain that [...]

8 September at 9:42

The 10 Strongest Strains on Earth Right Now

What are the 10 strongest strains on earth right now? Cannabis connoisseurs exist in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For some, the unique aromas and flavour profiles of their favourite buds is what it’s all about. For others, it’s about the high. And then of course there are those with an interest in [...]

5 September at 11:42

10 Marijuana Myths Busted Wide Open

It’s probably fair to say that if the majority of cannabis critics knew the truth behind their misled assumptions, the whole legalization debate would be so much easier.  But this of course is not the way things go in the real world as while ever there are scare stories, there will be millions who believe [...]

14 July at 4:28

Dealing With Bothersome Bouts of Cannabis Paranoia

There’s nothing in the world that can kill an epic buzz quite like an unwelcome dose of paranoia. Not that paranoia is ever particularly welcome, of course. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis-related paranoia is something that affects the vast majority of cannabis users at some point or another. While it’s highly unlikely that the world’s [...]

15 June at 10:27

One Toke Over the Line? 37 Signs You’re Probably Too High

Is there really such a thing as being too high? It depends on whom you ask – what some would consider to be ludicrous levels of inebriation others call an everyday indulgence. Tolerance levels differ and we all get something slightly different out of the experience, but there are still certain universal signs that you [...]

10 March at 10:16

New Cannabis Strain Designed to Help Women Orgasm

Right now, you can pick up a cannabis strain to improve or enhance just about anything in your life. If you are in need of something to help you study harder, no problem. If you prefer a strain that pretty much knocks you off your feet and has you sleeping away the entire weekend, easy [...]

3 March at 10:29

A Question of Efficiency – Why Vaping Cannabis Makes Perfect Sense

It’s the kind of debate that’s unlike to go anywhere in the near future and one that prompts pretty heated views on both sides of the fence. Some love it, some hate it and then there are those that are too darn stubborn (sorry!) to even give it a try. We are, of course, talking [...]

31 January at 10:55

Five Everyday Things That Give a Similar High To Cannabis…Chemically

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing strictly magical or mystical about cannabis. Sorry if that takes a little of the enjoyment out of things, but when you break it all down to its fundamentals, we’re really just talking science and chemicals. Which may sound boring, but there is really very little more to life in [...]

25 January at 10:56

Die Antwoord Announces New Line of Cannabis Products – “Zef Zol”

One thing that definitely cannot be said about Die Antwoord is that they follow the herd. Quite to the contrary in fact, the hugely successful South African hip-hop group has earned a reputation worldwide for being…well, insert as many synonyms of ‘slightly odd’ as you like right here. But odd is good – great, in fact. [...]

20 January at 10:40

Cannabis Culture Highlights of the Last 12 Months

Berlin to go green? To say that 2016 proved to be an interesting year would possibly qualify as the understatement of the decade. Quite simply, it was nothing short of nuts. For the most part, the year brought about some of the most unexpected and in some cases devastating events imaginable. Which in [...]

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