6 December at 10:24

The Ten Most Epic Joints You’ll Ever See

So you probably think that you and your buddies have from time to time rolled a few epic joints. But you haven’t. Or at least, you haven’t when compared to the kinds of joints the world’s most dedicated artists are coming up with. Now, you might argue that rolling OTT joints is pretty much pointless. [...]

11 November at 11:50

Ten of the Best DIY Bongs…Ever!

Best Homemade Bongs Ever! Pretty cool Bong that didn't make the cut Bongs. A gift from the Gods to all pot smokers the world over. There’s a time and a place for joints, blunts, pipes, vaporizers and so on, but there will always be moments when only an epic bong will suffice. If you consider [...]

5 October at 12:37

Video – How Do Drugs Effect Spider Web Patterns

How Do Different Drugs Effect Spiders Web Patterns These spiders make some pretty bizarre web patterns and they show some even more bizarre behavior. Watch As The Crack Spider Steals Others Another Spiders Web This ones for some light relief. Enjoy watching as the THC spider builds a hammock and the meth spider has a [...]

30 September at 4:37

10 Things You Might Not Know About Cannabis Edibles

Who would have ever thought they’d see the day when Starbucks locations were actually outnumbered by cannabis dispensaries in parts of LA? It’s a brave new world indeed…at least, for anyone lucky enough to live that way of things, anyway. The shift in marijuana policy in various regions over the past decade or so has [...]

13 September at 4:22

How to Tell You’ve Become a Cannabis Food Snob

It’s pretty much fair to say that cooking with cannabis really is a pleasure to end all pleasures. Actually that’s not quite right – cooking with cannabis and summarily eating whatever the you come up with is the ultimate. Legalization of recreational cannabis in a variety of circles has led to the kind of gastronomic [...]

1 September at 5:43

10 Things to Do While High You Might Not Have Tried

If you consider yourself to be a seasoned stoner, chances are you have fallen into some kind of routine or another. And chances are you are also as guilty as everyone else of perpetuating a whole bunch of stereotypes. You smoke, you indulge in a Netflix binge, you play the same music, fire up the [...]

30 August at 11:54

Making Your Mark on the Cannabis Industry – Getting a Foot in the Door

Right now, the global cannabis industry is booming like never before. When combining newly authorised recreational marijuana sales with a staggering medical cannabis industry, you’re looking at a multi-billion-dollar annual tally in the United States alone. And that’s despite the fact that only four states to date have legalized recreational marijuana – medicinal cannabis still [...]

26 August at 5:35

10 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking with Cannabis

Given the fact that you can technically throw pot into anything at all doesn’t mean that this constitutes a culinary cannabis success. Now more than ever, experienced chefs and plucky amateurs from all over the world are getting busy with seriously innovative and adventurous marijuana meals. But at the same time, a much larger contingency [...]

26 August at 11:32

How to Work Out If You Should Be Smoking More Weed

Here’s a question – how much weed is too much weed? The answer…well, ask a thousand stoners the same question and chances are 999 of them will answer the same – there’s no such thing. Everybody with at least half a working brain could probably figure out for themselves when the time comes to smoke [...]

18 August at 3:21

Incredible Edibles: Triple Baked Jackets, Pesto and Flourless Chocolate Cake!

Slowly but surely, stoners all over the world are waking up to the fact that cooking with cannabis means more than just throwing some broken-up buds into a can of chilli. Not that this particular recipe won’t work, it’s just that you won’t even get half of the enjoyment or benefit out of it as [...]

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