Here’s a question – how much weed is too much weed? The answer…well, ask a thousand stoners the same question and chances are 999 of them will answer the same – there’s no such thing.

Everybody with at least half a working brain could probably figure out for themselves when the time comes to smoke a little less. Whether it’s for professional, social or general ‘self-improvement’ purposes of any kind, plenty of people make a conscious decision every day to cut down. At least, a little. And some of them do a very good job in doing so, but how about those that sit right on the other end of the spectrum? Is there ever such a time when you might face the kinds of signs and symptoms that suggest you should actually be smoking more cannabis?

It depends which way you look at it, but the way we look at it, the answer is yes – yes there is. But it’s important to bear in mind that what we are talking about here is not only those who are already smoking on something of a 24/7 basis. Quite the contrary, as we are also including those who smoke very little or may have never smoked cannabis in their lives. After all, scientific research is slowly but surely beginning to solidify the point that cannabis could have a seriously beneficial impact on the lives of millions all over the world. They just won’t know until they have tried it – criminalisation making this a rather hefty obstacle to overcome.

But stepping away from that particular debate for the time being, what kind of signs and symptoms you might experience that suggest you really could do with smoking more cannabis?

You Have Too Much Marijuana


Well, first of all there’s the admittedly unlikely scenario that you find yourself in a position where instead of running out of weed, you seem to have more and more of the stuff each and every month. For one reason or another, you have ended up stacking up a stockpile of the stuff that’s enough to make the average stoner green with envy. So unless you have a specific plan for all this pot, it’s worth remembering that the quality and potency of the stuff you’re neglecting is decreasing all the time. Which is of course a crime, which in turn means that you owe it to yourself and to every other stoner out there to get on the case using the stuff before it fades. Or better yet, share the wealth and invite anyone willing to do so to help you deal with your cannabis stockpile.

You’ve Never Made History At the Olympics


Oh the smugness of the cannabis community when Phelps and a fair few of his counterparts made Olympic history this year with a record haul of medals. Cast your mind back to 2009 and you might just remember Mr. Phelps finding himself on the receiving end of an almighty s**tstorm for having the audacity to enjoy a bong trip. The pro swimming organisation in the US fined and suspended him, Kellogg gave him the boot from a sponsorship deal and he was basically hung out to dry for doing something so ‘stupid’. Although it clearly wasn’t stupid, given the way in which he then went on to break every Olympic medal-winning record in the book. So you can call it specious reasoning all you like, but the moral of the story is clearly that smoking cannabis will help you win medals at the Olympics. Or if it won’t, it certainly won’t stop you if you are already on the way to becoming a champion…so there!

You’re in Need of Inspiration


Say you’re a musician, an artist, a writer or even just the kind of person that’s into home arts and crafts. Chances are that from time to time, you find yourself well and truly bereft of inspiration. Perhaps so much so even that it takes some of the shine off whatever it is you are into. Not that it represents any kind of scientific conclusion of course, but it’s really no secret or coincidence that some of the most famous, successful and inspirational figures in history have turned to cannabis for a little inspiration themselves. It’s not about getting so blasted that you cannot use your brain, but rather finding the right strain of cannabis to let your mind run free and find out exactly what you are capable of. While it’s not to say that recommending cannabis as a hobby in its own right is a good idea, trying a little cannabis to spice up whatever it is you already do might just be a fantastic idea.

You’re Stressed and Anxious


Stress and anxiety are to a certain extent normal, inevitable parts of being a human being. However, there is a difference between occasionally feeling stressed out and living your entire waking life completely and totally stressed. In the case of this latter group, doctors will often prescribe courses of medication, counselling and so on to help combat the problem. All across the United States however, tens of thousands of stress and anxiety patients are finding nothing more effective than medical marijuana. There are so many strains of medicinal cannabis around these days that have been engineered specifically to combat stress and anxiety, while at the same time not getting the individual too high. As such, while it’s never necessarily a good idea to self-medicate without first seeking the input of a medical professional, medicinal marijuana is absolutely something that should be considered by anyone suffering chronic stress and anxiety.

You’re Having Trouble Sleeping


And it’s exactly the same case for those suffering from insomnia, or many other kinds of sleep disorders. The simple fact of the matter is that while tens of millions of people the world over a struggle to get the restful sleep they need, most simply do not want to turn to prescription medication. From dependencies to side effects to accessibility and so on, the kinds of drugs handed out to assist with insomnia don’t always make the most appealing of options. By contrast, medicinal marijuana has the potential to aid restful sleep like almost nothing else out there, with the added bonus of few to no side effects whatsoever. Once again, it’s an avenue to explore under professional supervision, but it is absolutely an avenue that must be explored.

You’ve Stuck to One Strain for Years


As for those already experienced in the art of marijuana consumption, one definite reason to consider smoking more of the stuff is if you have for whatever reason remained faithful to one strain for years. In this instance, it’s not necessarily a case of smoking more cannabis as such, but rather branching out into new areas. Even over the last few years alone, the number of new strains that have hit the market has been nothing short of spectacular. Regardless of the reasons you smoke, your personal preferences or what you wish to get out of it, if you haven’t tried the most spectacular new arrivals, you are missing out on something quite awesome.

You’re Concerned About Legalization Efforts


You know how they often say that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem? Well, in this particular instance it really couldn’t be truer. You cannot consider yourself to be a seasoned and dedicated cannabis user if you are not actively supporting legalization efforts. And for reasons that are plainly obvious, you really cannot say that you are part of the legalization drive if you rarely smoke cannabis and never get involved in the kinds of demonstrations and activities that plead the cases of tens of millions globally. If you have any interest in legalization whatsoever, ask yourself – what exactly have you done to support the cause recently? Or ever, for that matter?

You Feel Sorry For Your Dealer


 Last but not least, if you happen to live in one of the fortunate areas where recreational cannabis is now legal, it’s pretty common to see the dealers you were once loyal to falling on hard times. Their customers can now get what they want easier, safer, cheaper and better quality than ever before, meaning those that once supported the cannabis community are basically out on their ass. Or at least they are, unless you make the effort to buy from them anyway – just to make yourself feel better. It may be a case of cutting down your usual order and buying a token amount just for the sake of it, but still…you’ll feel like a champion for doing so!