Vaping has become the consumption method of choice for a new generation of health-conscious smokers. Safer and more socially acceptable, vaping replaces the smoke from a cigarette with vapor that is produced via a vape pen, or one of many other devices. The vape market began with e-liquids – flavored oils that could be put into the device, vaporized and inhaled – and soon began to expand into other areas.

Before long, it became popular to vape CBD products. When legalization of cannabis spread across the USA – 11 states having so far legalized recreational weed – the vape industry began to capitalize on this lucrative market. 

Therapeutic cannabis has also been legalized in many states and is available as a medicinal prescription. Vaping cannabis has become the method of choice for many medicinal users, who would prefer not to inhale smoke.

Does this mean that you really need a high-quality vaporizer to consume cannabis? The short answer is no, but just because you don’t need a vaporizer in your life doesn’t mean you don’t want one!

Ways of Consuming Cannabis

The traditional method of enjoying cannabis is (of course) to smoke it. Many people still like to roll joints the traditional way, but it’s not considered a socially acceptable consumption method. Smoking is banned pretty much anywhere other than in private residences, so you’re not going to get your hit on the move by smoking it. 

However, just as some music lovers like to continue listening on vinyl, so some cannabis fans swear by the good old joint! It’s up to you, but it’s far from the most convenient or discreet method.

You can also buy edibles that are cannabis laced, which usually take the form of sweets that you chew and enjoy the subsequent hit. They are convenient, but the problem is the delivery. To get into the system from an edible, cannabis has to go through the digestive system. Not only does it kick in late, but the high can be way heavier and longer lasting than intended.

The third method is the one we’re interested in, which is vaping. Vaping is effective as it puts the cannabis straight into the lungs. This is done without smoke and without tar, but by vaporizing dry herb or wax. This method is fast becoming popular for many reasons.

You can also use a dab rig – the vaping equivalent of a bong – if you have the time, space and patience needed. Nevertheless, many swear by dry herb vaporizers as the best way of using cannabis, when considering what you get out of the deal.

What Is a Dry Herb Vaporizer? 

When the vaping industry was in its infancy, the first commercial vape devices were large, expensive and fairly rudimentary devices. The rapid growth and development of the market soon saw smaller models appear, until the ‘pen’ type models became the vape device of choice.

Vape pens are so called as they are pen shaped. While many are designed for vaping wax or oils, the dry herb vape pen is made specifically for vaping cannabis and other dry herbs. Dry herb vaporizers can also be found in desktop form; these are bigger and designed for use at home.

One important point before continuing – check if cannabis is legal in your state or jurisdiction, before spending good money on a quality vaporizer. Otherwise, you risk wasting good money on something you’ll more or less never end up using.

How a Dry Herb Vaporizer Works 

Vaping cannabis is a popular method of enjoying weed, but how exactly do dry herb vaporizers work? 

First, the basics: a dry herb vaporizer consists of a chamber – this is where you put the cannabis flower – plus a heating element, a battery and a mouthpiece. Some will come with a diffuser that spreads the vapor evenly, some will have heating controls, and some are more powerful than others.

Put simply, you put the cannabis in the chamber and switch the vaporizer on. The battery provides enough power to heat the element – sometimes known as the coil – to the right heat to vaporize the cannabis, and you inhale through the mouthpiece. 

There are two distinct types of heating systems to choose from with your dry herb vaporizer: convection and conduction. The former uses gas or liquid to pass the heat across the dry herb, the latter uses direct heat contact. This can lead to burning of some of the cannabis, so it’s better to choose the convection method (where possible) for enhanced taste and effect. 

That’s basically it: you put it in and vape it, and you’re up and running. 

How to Choose a Dry Herb Vaporizer 

There are many established names in the online cannabis and vaping market, and it is well worth putting your trust in these market leaders. You are guaranteed quality, legal products and supplies that will be consistent throughout.  

We also recommend that you check out the latest models of dry herb vaporizers on the market. Technology is rapidly evolving and improvements to devices are being rolled out on a continuous basis. Today’s cutting-edge devices really are light years ahead of those launched just a couple of years ago.

If you are a newcomer to vaping cannabis and simply want to find out what it’s all about, you’ll also find there are some cheaper vape pens that you can try. We do recommend that if you are serious and will be continuing down the vaping cannabis route, however, you ask your retailer to recommend a quality model that will last a long time. 

As touched upon above, be sure to investigate those with adjustable temperature settings and power outputs.

It’s a competitive market out there and in many ways one that plays into the hands of the consumer, so take your time and shop around. Also, be sure to listen to the advice and recommendations from users and independent experts, who can help you make an informed decision.