13 June at 11:29

Bhang Bang: Recipe and Explosive Effects of this Holi Traditional Drink

Photo by Migle Bhang. An explosion. A loud noise. A sudden burst of action. It is a familiar word though the spelling may be unfamiliar. The little h hidden in this word stands for a multitude of things: healing, happy, hypnotic, hellish, and, especially the last, high. High doesn’t even begin to describe [...]

29 March at 10:41

Make Your Own Cannabis Tea

If you’ve been on a coffee kick lately and you feel the effects of the harsh caffeine addiction, you might want to consider tea instead. I think it is needless to say that tea is better for you. Not only has it been a tradition for millenniums, but it also carries caffeine in a prettier [...]

2 March at 10:52

How and Why Do We Use Decarboxylation When Making Cannabis Edibles?

Questions Answered about Decarboxylation You’ve probably heard the word thrown around and might understand that it has some sort of importance when you light up. It’s a big scientific word, but what does it have to do with your high? Here are your answers to the basics of decarbing your herb. What is Decarboxylation? Decarboxylation [...]

22 November at 12:52

THC Marinade for your Thanksgiving Turkey

Kief Turkey Marinade How about something different this thanksgiving, baste your Turkey with a THC marinade and get high with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many across the USA will be looking forward to spending time with their families, enjoying Turkey and all the delicious side dishes that [...]

21 October at 11:07

Video Guide- Making Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Cannabis infused coconut oil Why Coconut Oil? Cannabis infused coconut oil, or vegan cannabutter if you prefer, is something that has become popular in recent times and is now found in a range of cannabis products. It is used in everything from edibles to body care products but why is it so popular? [...]

20 October at 11:07

The Cannabis Candyman Seeks to Reassure Critics

Ever since recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado, Washington and Alaska, there’s been heated debated as to the way in which cannabis edibles are manufactured, packaged, marketed and sold. As far as some are concerned, plain packaging with nothing eye-catching whatsoever is the best way to avoid tempting tots. For others, it’s a case of [...]

13 October at 11:42

Making Kief Using Dry Ice

Dry Ice Kief- A 5 Minute Guide To Easy Extraction Joint rolled in wax and dipped in kief What is Kief? Quite simply Kief is the resinous glands that make Cannabis the wonderfully unique plant that it is and contains the Terpenes and Cannabinoids. The kief is found on both the flowers buds [...]

30 September at 4:37

10 Things You Might Not Know About Cannabis Edibles

Who would have ever thought they’d see the day when Starbucks locations were actually outnumbered by cannabis dispensaries in parts of LA? It’s a brave new world indeed…at least, for anyone lucky enough to live that way of things, anyway. The shift in marijuana policy in various regions over the past decade or so has [...]

2 August at 2:49

How to Make the Best Cannabutter on Earth

When it comes to cooking with cannabis, enough is never enough. When you think about each and every food and drink on the face of the earth that turns you on, chances are they really aren’t many that couldn’t be spiced up big time with some killer bud. The only problem being that actually getting [...]

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