Elephant Joint cool joints to roll

So you probably think that you and your buddies have from time to time rolled a few epic joints. Sorry to say it but you haven’t. Or at least, you haven’t when compared to the kinds of joints the world’s most dedicated artists are coming up with.

Now, you might argue that rolling OTT joints is pretty much pointless. Joints by their very nature represent a technically-inefficient way of smoking weed, with no more than about 25% of the THC in there being put to good use. The more creative and crazy you are with the joints you roll, the more of the stuff goes to waste. Which is true enough, but to be frank that’s really not what epic joint rolling is all about.

It’s about fun and rolling cool joints…not about cannabis ‘fuel-economy’, as it were.

There’s a ton you can do with a big bag of weed, a box of papers and a little too much time on your hands. Hell, get it right and you’ve every chance of going down in web history as one of the greatest! And in terms of inspiration, there’s so much out there that there’s really no excuse for not at least having a stab at something creative.

Cool Joints to Roll

You’ve probably already tried to roll the biggest joint you possibly can, sticking skins together trying to compete with the Camberwell Carrot (12 skins), I bet you’ve even tried to roll a cross joint too. Some of the more adventurous of you have probably tried to roll a Dutch Tulip which is a pretty cool looking joint to say the least but how many of you have rolled an Octoblunt or the Eiffel tower?

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief rundown of what we reckon are 10 of the best joints ever rolled, pulled together from all four corners of the web: