Best Homemade Bongs Ever!

Awesome Homemade Bong/ Pipe

Pretty cool Bong that didn’t make the cut

Bongs. A gift from the Gods to all pot smokers the world over. There’s a time and a place for joints, blunts, pipes, vaporizers and so on, but there will always be moments when only an epic bong will suffice.

If you consider yourself to be a life-long member of the cannabis community, such a title comes with many responsibilities. One of which being to exercise creativity at all times, when it comes to weird and wonderful approaches to smoking pot. It’s not enough to buy elaborate bongs or to amass a world-class collection of smoking paraphernalia. Nope, if you really want to consider yourself a veteran, you need to be setting all-new standards in bong creativity.

Now, it’s important to remember that when it comes to homemade bongs, you have to strike the perfect balance between functionality, practicality and awesomeness. If you come up with something that’s the very definition of epic, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all-that practical. Likewise, if it’s the kind of bong that delivers massively in terms of performance, it doesn’t have to be too elaborate or complicated. Just as long as it’s both unique and gets the job done, top marks all-round!

So for those in need of a little inspiration for the weekend ahead, here’s a quick rundown of what we reckon to be 10 of the most awesome DIY bongs we’ve ever laid eyes on: