26 April at 3:05

San Francisco Counts Down to World’s First Weed Gym

Traditionally, cannabis and fitness have not been associated with each other particularly closely. While it’s not to say that you cannot be a stoner and also the epitome of physical fitness, actual exercise – as in working out – isn’t considered to be something interlinked with cannabis. Which for the most part comes down to [...]

24 April at 10:47

New Study Identifies Synthetic “Cannabis” Use Risk Factors

Yet another study has produced evidence to suggest that rather than focusing on traditional cannabis, authorities could really do with cracking down on synthetic cannabis more severely. Across the United States and more recently the United Kingdom, ‘Spice’ has become a problem of epidemic proportions. Research suggests that younger people with depressive symptoms may be [...]

16 March at 10:23

How to Make Pot Safer? Take Tobacco Out of the Picture

One of the primary arguments in support of cannabis legalization is the way in which growing evidence suggests that it is in fact nowhere near as harmful as critics suggest. Quite to the contrary, it’s become blindingly obvious these days that cannabis has the potential to serve as a safe and effective treatment for an [...]

10 March at 10:16

New Cannabis Strain Designed to Help Women Orgasm

Right now, you can pick up a cannabis strain to improve or enhance just about anything in your life. If you are in need of something to help you study harder, no problem. If you prefer a strain that pretty much knocks you off your feet and has you sleeping away the entire weekend, easy [...]

16 February at 10:42

Can CBD Oil Help With Epilepsy or is THC Needed to be Effective?

Jamie asks can CBD Oil help with Epilepsy or does it need THC to be effective? Jamie, Thank you for your excellent question. Let me first state that I am not a licensed physician. With cannabis still scheduled as an illegal drug and with limited long-term medical research, everything that is being said is derived [...]

15 February at 11:01

Tackling the Issue of Cannabis and Depression

Right now, more people than ever before are turning to medical cannabis for the purposes of self-medicating the symptoms of depression. Generally speaking, most people with diagnosed or even suspected cases of depression do not view standard pharmaceutical antidepressants as a particularly desirable treatment option. Despite the fact that doctors and health experts continue to [...]

19 January at 11:31

The 411 On Massachusetts Marijuana – A Basic Breakdown

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws Massachusetts marijuana laws have changed drastically since Novembers votes. In the months leading up to the vote last year, Massachusetts was considered to be a state where the cannabis ballot could go either way. In fact, it was possibly the one state that was least likely to go ahead with recreational cannabis [...]

18 January at 11:26

Cannabis Anatomy – What’s in A Bud from Cola to Trichomes?

Cannabis Anatomy- Know the difference between a Cola and a Calyx You think you know cannabis well enough but what about cannabis anatomy? At least, you know you live the stuff and have got a pretty good handle on how to identify a quality batch. You might have even mastered the art of growing the [...]

9 January at 10:24

North Korea – Pure Heaven for Pot Smokers?

Take a moment to consider the term ‘cannabis tourism’ and think about exactly what it means to you. Now, compile a list in your mind of five, maybe even 10 locations worldwide that fit the bill as epic destinations for pot-heads. It’s probably safe to say that if we put 100 of these lists together, [...]

9 December at 10:11

Buying and Storing Cannabis Seeds – What to Do, What Not to Do

Given the fact that you cannot put a price on a towering cannabis plant that is bursting with bountiful buds, it’s also safe to say that cannabis seeds are equally priceless. If you happen to live in an area where it is legal to grow cannabis at home, consider yourself one of the very, VERY [...]

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