Despite the fact that kratom remains a somewhat controversial subject across much of the world, it’s nonetheless an exceptionally valuable and sought-after commodity. Now available in dozens of different forms and as the basis of thousands of creative products, kratom’s popularity is growing at record pace worldwide.

Previously available in powder form only, kratom can now be picked up in all sorts of food items, snacks, edibles, desserts, beverages, skincare products and so on.  Each having its own unique points of appeal, but what really makes the difference with all kratom products is the exact strain of kratom used in its formulation.

As with cannabis and most herbs, the properties and potency of the various kratom strains available differ significantly from one to the next.

Maeng Da Kratom

To date, one of the most potent, powerful and popular types of kratom to have hit the market is Maeng Da. Specifically engineered as a high potency strain of red kratom, Maeng Da originates from Indonesia though enjoys widespread popularity worldwide. Capable of delivering a powerful burst of energy while providing effective pain relief, Maeng Da takes the properties of conventional kratom to the next level.

Maeng Da was created through a process known as grafting, which involves the joining together of the tissues of different plants to create new hybrid strains. The idea being that the unique properties and beneficial characteristics of multiple plants can be combined, resulting in a new strain that’s more than the sum of its component parts.

In the case of Maeng Da, that’s exactly what you’re looking at.

The good news being that the explosive popularity of Maeng Da has been responded to by an extensive list of new and existing online vendors. For the first time, it’s now possible to pick up the highest quality Maeng Da money can buy at comparatively affordable prices.

Just as long as it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction, these are the places you should be heading to buy quality Maeng Da you can count on:

1.      Purkratom

One of the biggest points of appeal with this particular vendor is the fact that they have a variety of different strains of Maeng Da to choose from. Admittedly, they do have a habit of running out of stock on a regular basis, though this is more a mark of their popularity and reputation than anything else. In any case, they’ve a neat mobile app you can install that provides updates when your stock arrives.

The general consensus among buyers points to Maeng Da of exceptional quality and value for money, with each and every product having been extensively tested for superior consistency. They’ve also an interesting offer available for newcomers right now, worth a discount of 20% on your order after registering for an account.

2.      Kratora

Another established vendor with an impressive track record, these guys recently extended their product lineup with an extensive collection of CBD products. One of the most responsible and reliable sellers out there right now, Kratora take things to extremes with a reassuring 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, they’ll give you your money back.

Another key point of appeal with Kratora is their free shipping on all orders totaling $50.00 or more. This of course applies to select markets only, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before ordering. And of course, discretion is a point of priority with every order shipped.

3.      Kratom Crazy

As the name suggests, these folks have been crazy about kratom since the commercial market burst into life some time ago.  In fact, they’ve been in business for just over a decade now, enabling them to consistently outperform most competing sellers.

Their product catalogue is diverse and dynamic, but it has to be said that Kratom Crazy is the place to head if you plan on picking up the stuff in bulk. They almost always have outstanding special deals and discounts available for the purchase of bulk kratom, with fast and free shipping available on qualifying orders. Well worth checking out, particularly if you plan on stocking up to save money.

4.      Happy Hippo Herbals

The folks at Happy Hippo Herbals recently began taking Bitcoin payments, making it a great place to head if planning on shopping with Cryptocurrency. Like their counterpart above, they’ve a huge selection of products to choose from at guaranteed low prices. At the time of our last inspection, a full kilo of quality kratom was priced at just $375.

Happy Hippo Herbals also scores top marks for the intuitiveness and user friendliness of its website, which is exceptionally easy and enjoyable to navigate.  Far too many kratom retail sites come across as amateurish at best – these guys have come up with something polished, professional and presentable from top to bottom.

5.      Phytoextractum

The team behind Phytoextractum likes to let the customer do the talking, posting customer reviews and snippets all over the place for added reassurance. Their current catalogue features an extensive range of Maeng Da strains of unbeatable quality and value for money, along with the usual cavalcade of kratom products and accessories.

Free delivery is available on all orders totalling $75.00 or more, while new customers are almost always lavished with a selection of coupons for discounts on their first orders. They’re also noted for prioritising quality customer support, if you’ve any questions or concerns to address before ordering.

6.      Coastline Kratom

Last but not least, Coastline Kratom has been providing discerning customers with an extensive range of products for more than five years. Along with the highest quality Maeng Da, they also offer Borneo, Bali, Malay, and horned kratom.

The simplified navigation system makes it easy to find exactly what you need, while the reassuring money-back guarantee adds up to total peace of mind. They’re also continuously updating their special offers and coupon codes, so there’s always something new and interesting to check out.

Expert Advice…

As always, it’s essential to first seek expert advice if planning on using products like kratom for therapeutic or medical purposes. In addition, buyers should check the legal status of kratom in their jurisdiction, prior to placing an order.