Purple Bud Cannabis strain

To produce the best Purple bud possible, you sometimes need to bring together the best of all worlds. Or at least, the best genetics from a bunch of global cannabis hotspots – Afghanistan, The Netherlands and California springing immediately to mind. That’s exactly what you’re looking at in Purple Bud – a gorgeous Afghani– Indica with a little Sativa is a cannabis strain that doesn’t just look great, it also produces like a dream come true. Even if you’re out to grow for the first time, she’s one girl you can count on not to let you down!


You know you’re in for a treat when you catch sight of Purple Bud – an amalgamation of stunning colours and subtle hues that paint a picture of what’s to come. The leaves usually remain a deep green shade throughout the flowering cycle, making for a gorgeous contrast with the purple buds. This is all intensified by the aroma, which along with an unmistakable hit of pine freshness is also underpinned by a dreamy, exotic and almost intoxicating note of sandalwood. Irresistible really isn’t a strong enough word.

Smoking Purple Bud

As for the taste, it’s an extremely musky yet delightfully smooth affair, with a good dose of exotic spice and plenty of berry sweetness. The flavour profile is comparatively light, which makes Purple Bud a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, whatever your tastes and preferences.

Strain Effects/Medical Effects

This is an Indica-heavy strain, which in turn means you can expect a strong and immediate body-centred stone. Though far from overpowering, the hit of sedation is certainly strong, but is nonetheless balanced with a delightfully energising and uplifting edge that prevents couchlock and extreme lethargy. In medical circles, Purple Bud is known to do a great job in the treatment of muscle pains, insomnia and for stimulating appetite.

Growing Purple Bud

Growing Purple Bud

Growing Purple Bud

You’ll need a Mediterranean-style climate to grow outdoors, but bring things inside and it’s really easy to succeed with. It’s s heavy-yielder so you don’t need many plants for a big payoff – it’s also so incredibly pretty that it’s popular to grow as a single plant as a specimen piece. Durable, forgiving and delightfully compact, it really comes into its own with a hydroponics setup, but can also flourish with simple soil and a few pots. Expect flowering times in the region of 8-10 weeks…also expect your patience to be tested pre-harvest when those aromas start filling your grow-space!

Strain Information

Type:75% Indica 25% Sativa
Plant Height:110-150cm
Indoor/Outdoor:Indoor and Outdoor
Indoor Flowering:50-65 days
Harvest Outdoor:Late September to Mid October
Stoned/High:Full Body Relaxation

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