27 April at 2:37

Violator Kush from Barney’s Farm

Violator Kush is a strain created by Barney's Farm carrying genetics of the glorious strain used to create Malana Cream Hashish and combining them with Hindu Kush, Violator Kush is nothing short of a legend in the making. Unsurprisingly, as a plant that has strong ancestry in the manufacture of premium hash, that’s exactly what [...]

9 March at 10:17

Hindu Kush – One of The Most Important Strains in Cannabis History

Whether you grow it, smoke it or mess around with its genetics, Hindu Kush is one of the most important strains in cannabis history. In fact, it is based on the kind of weed that was being smoked way further back than history even records. The Hindu Kush region is an imposing and dramatic mountain [...]

27 February at 11:03

Purple Bud – A Stunningly Coloured Indica Delight

To produce the best Purple bud possible, you sometimes need to bring together the best of all worlds. Or at least, the best genetics from a bunch of global cannabis hotspots – Afghanistan, The Netherlands and California springing immediately to mind. That’s exactly what you’re looking at in Purple Bud – a gorgeous Afghani- Indica [...]

1 February at 11:36

Mazar Sharif 100% Indica Original Landrace

Big, bold and beautiful. Probably the three best words to describe the Mazar Sharif strain. Like so many legendary original strains, Mazar Sharif is named after the city in Northern Afghanistan where it was initially cultivated and continues to grow today. There’s nothing particularly standout about the appearance of Mazar Sharif plants, aside from the [...]

30 January at 10:59

OG Kush, An Indica Heavy Legendary Strain

There are some cannabis strains that are well known and popular – then there are those that are legendary, then there's OG Kush, in a league of its own. Originally developed in San Fernando Valley in Southern California, OG Kush is a seriously heavy hitting Indica strain that’s made its way into dozens of epic [...]

25 January at 11:43

Purple Urkel Indica Dominant Medical Marijuana

Purple Urkel is something of a mystery to this day, there’s still pretty much zero to go on with regard to the true genetic origins. It’s been mentioned on more than a few occasions that Mendocino Purps and Grandaddy Purple might be in there, but it’s never been confirmed either way. That being said, when [...]

23 January at 11:16

Medi Bomb #1 High CBD High THC Medical Strain

Primarily turned to as a medicinal strain, Medi Bomb #1 by Bomb Seeds has plenty of appeal in recreational as well as medical circles. It was produced by bringing together Bomb #1 with an undisclosed medical strain from Holland, resulting in a powerful, CBD-heavy strain that serves multiple purposes. The fragrance is predominantly skunky and [...]

17 January at 11:05

8 Ball Kush Indica Strain from Barney’s Farm

Bursting with premium genetics from Pakistan and Afghanistan, 8 Ball Kush from Barney's Farm owes its origins to the classic Hindu Kush. This Indica features exactly what you’d expect from the kind of strain traditionally manufactured for the production of quality hash. A modern classic engineered from two seriously epic strains it is the stuff of [...]

11 January at 3:07

Incredible Bulk Indica Strain by Dr Krippling

Incredible Bulk If you’re the kind of grower for whom nothing matters more than heavy yields, you’re certainly not on your own. The key being to track down a strain that delivers the goods in terms of both quality and yields in equal measure. Does Incredible Bulk tick the right boxes? In a word, yes…yes [...]

13 December at 12:32

Dreamberry Automatic – An Epic Indica Strain

Delivering a delightful dose of everything you’d expect from an epic strain, Indica-dominant Dreamberry Automatic combines a sharp mental pick-me-up with the mellow tranquillity of a premium Indica. It was concocted by bringing together the genetics of Blackberry and Blue Dream – two outstanding strains in their own right for deep rest and relaxation. Medical [...]

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