17 October at 12:08

Will Nevada Make Cannabis History This November?

All across the United States, tens of millions are getting ready to decide both the immediate and long-term future of cannabis legislation. Quite the contrary to the picture in the United Kingdom, lawmakers are putting it all in the hands of the people…as opposed to just making their minds up for them. Well, they are [...]

12 October at 10:55

Floundering Florida – Medical Cannabis Set For Legalization?

Over in Florida, forward-thinking folks have been trying to get medical cannabis legalized for years. And they very nearly did exactly that. In fact, they clearly voted in favour of it just two years ago. In most states, a majority of 58% in favour of any given measure would see it implemented without a second [...]

10 October at 12:15

Maine – What to Expect Come November’s Vote

What’s going on right now in the United States by way of cannabis legislation evolution is both reassuring and depressing. Reassuring if you happen to live in any of the regions making progress – depressing if you reside elsewhere. With so many states making such incredible advances in cannabis research, development and proactive legislative adjustments, [...]

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