23 December at 10:51

DEA ‘Knows Cannabis Is Safe’, Won’t Give Up Its ‘Cash Cow’

Sometimes, hearing lawmakers, experts and officials admit that cannabis is actually safe can be extremely satisfying. Knowing that longstanding arguments in favour of cannabis legalization have been given further weight by those in prominent positions is generally only ever a good thing. But at the same time, there are also instances when and where these [...]

20 October at 10:38

Video- Anti Pot Ad For Massachusetts

Watch the anti cannabis advert from the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy MA. According to this video there will be more dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonalds! Cannabis dispensaries will pop up next to toy shops with displays of delicious sweets to lure your children into using the devils weed. I hoped you enjoyed this latest [...]

4 October at 3:34

Chelsea Clinton Says Cannabis is Killing People…Even Though it Isn’t

Chelsea Clinton Says Cannabis Is Killing People! So the big debate over in the United States right now is whether and to what extend cannabis should be legalized. As nine states prepare to head to the ballot boxes this coming November, we could be looking at the most significant change in cannabis policy in US [...]

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