24 November at 12:46

Video- Gov. Chris Christie, The Man Preventing New Jersey Legalizing Cannabis

"You said I'm the only impediment. You're damn right I'm the only impediment and I am going to remain the only impediment until January 18th 2018". The words of Governor Chris Christie who wants to singlehandedly prevent the legalization of cannabis in New Jersey. This is just the first of many, ill though out, uneducated [...]

22 November at 12:52

THC Marinade for your Thanksgiving Turkey

Kief Turkey Marinade How about something different this thanksgiving, baste your Turkey with a THC marinade and get high with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many across the USA will be looking forward to spending time with their families, enjoying Turkey and all the delicious side dishes that [...]

14 November at 10:51

Video-How To Make Hash Oil. The Rick Simpson Method

Making Hash Oil Using The Rick Simpson Method Who is Rick Simpson If you have ever heard anything about Cannabis curing Cancer you have probably heard the name Rick Simpson. Rick has been a long-time advocate for the use of hemp and cannabis oil in treating forms of cancer.  His story began back in 2003 [...]

7 November at 11:21

Video- Joe Rogan and Gary Johnson Discuss The Drug War and Cannabis Legalization

Joe Rogan and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson discuss the war on drugs and cannabis legalization  on The Joe Rogan Experience in May 2016. This clip is courtesy of PowerfulJRE on Youtube. To see the whole Gary Johnson podcast  with Joe Rogan #801 click here.

3 November at 11:17

Video- Kimmy Tan 100 Hits of Weed

Kimmy Tan- 100 Hits of Weed Watch as Kimmy Tan takes 100 hits. 25 Hits on a blunt, 25 bong rips, 25 pipe hits and 25 dabs to finish. Could you keep up with Kimmy? Let us know in the comment section below.

2 November at 10:48

Video- Time Lapse Squid Joint

How To Roll A Squid Joint Instagram, MassRoots and Facebook are full of amazingly rolled joints but how do we do it ourselves? Watch this vdeo from WeedTV to see how a squid joint is made.

1 November at 11:42

Video- How To Harvest, Trim And Dry Your Weed

How To Harvest, Trim and Dry Your Buds Watch as Pigeons 420 goes through the steps of trimming, bud washing and curing his White Widow crop. Find out which parts to keep for making  concentrates and Pigeon 420s methods. What You Will Need When you begin the process there are a few basic pieces of equipment you will [...]

31 October at 10:42

Video- How To Make A Pumpkin Bong

How To Make A Frankenhookah Bogart from Youtube channel RuffHouse Studios shows you how to make a Halloween pumpkin bong. Would you hit the Frankenhookah? Let us know in the comments below.

27 October at 11:05

Video- Vaporizing Cannabis Vs Smoking Cannabis

Which Is Best Vaporizing Or Smoking Your Weed? Whats the difference between vaporizing cannabis and smoking cannabis. Why do people choose to vaporize with vape pens, portable vapes and desktop vapes, let Mandee Lee of Green Flower Media give you her reasons why vaporizing is the way to go. 6 Benefits Of Vaporizing Cannabis When using a vaporizer you inhale [...]

25 October at 11:23

Videos- Florida No On 2 Propaganda Adverts

The polls in Florida have opened today and with that in mind we thought we would look at some on the No On Amendment 2 adverts. Some of the propaganda you see below will be shocking but don't worry its full of lies and we've taken the time to show how it's wrong. Well it [...]

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