Which Is Best Vaporizing Or Smoking Your Weed?

Whats the difference between vaporizing cannabis and smoking cannabis. Why do people choose to vaporize with vape pens, portable vapes and desktop vapes, let Mandee Lee of Green Flower Media give you her reasons why vaporizing is the way to go.

6 Benefits Of Vaporizing Cannabis

  1. When using a vaporizer you inhale 95% of the Cannabinoids whilst inhaling none of the other noxious chemicals released when smoking your cannabis. Therefore if you are using cannabis medicinally a vaporizer is the much better choice.
  2. Vaporizing is more efficient than smoking. When you are vaporizing cannabis you are able to take in more of the Canabinoids and Terpenes where as when smoking the extra heat will burn some of these off and they are wasted. Long term this means less cost as you need less weed.
  3. Vaporizing cannabis uses a lower temperature than smoking. This means better taste from your weed and less harshness on your throat and lungs.
  4. Less cleaning. Vaporizers are easier to clean than bongs.
  5. Less smell. Vaporizing produces less smell. This means you smell better and also you can hit your vaporizer in public.
  6. Better taste. Yes its mentioned already but taste is important with such a wide variety of strains and hybrids on the market. Also the different Terpenes have different medical effects so understanding those flavours enables you to make the right choices for your medical needs.

4 Benefits Of Switching From Smoking Cannabis To Vaporizing Cannabis

  1. No more smokers cough- All smokers have been there at some point, that morning cough where you feel you can hack up a part of your lung
  2. Better for your immune system. Which means less colds and flu which no one enjoys.
  3. Increased energy levels. Smoking reduces your circulation and giving it up helps to improve this.
  4. Better sex- yes that’s right better sex. Smoking actually reduces sensitivity as the blood flow is reduced. In men giving up the smoking means better erections, in women it makes it easier to become aroused and gives better orgasms.

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