14 June at 11:51

Auto Pounder with Cheese A Monster Marijuana Strain

Auto Pounder with Cheese. Let’s be honest…an instant classic if only for the name! We probably don’t need to tell you which strains were combined to come up with this tasty concoction. But just in case, it’s the love child of Auto Pounder and Cheese. Clever stuff…right? If you are looking for a high yield [...]

20 December at 10:38

The Lowdown on Autoflowering Cannabis Ruderalis

Chances are you’ve come across the idea of autoflowering cannabis strains by now, but how much do you really know about the Ruderalis strain? If you’re not in the practice of growing your own, the answer is probably…not a great deal. If you’re a keen home grower at any level though, autoflowering strains are a [...]

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