A History Of Cannabis Prohibition by Thomas E Young- Part 6

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Bush caught with Cocaine?

Bush caught with Cocaine?

George W. Bush with considerable controversy would become the first president of the new century while just continuing many of the old guards policies towards drugs and specifically cannabis.   The new millennium would bring this new president, along with new twists in the War on Drugs, and sadly with Terror now the biggest and yet saddest change to everyone’s life both here in the States and around the world that will reach no telling how far. 

The second President Bush would be known not just for his two terms but of course for so much more in a way eclipsing his father.  Everything from the initial election itself through the life changing events of 9/11 with wars and scandals in-between.  Ironically enough though, it would be this President who would actually have a past, a problem that would be of note and in contrast to the ideal of being that fighter in the War on Drugs.

Cocaine Possession

It would end up becoming widely known; even to the point of being easy comedic fair, that President Bush had been arrested for DUI.  This happened in 1976 in the state of Maine when George W was 30 years old.  While it is also alleged that President Bush had in his early years a problem with the use of cocaine.  George W. had supposedly even been arrested for cocaine possession back in 1972 with his record subsequently being erased. 

So a person might even have had a brief moment to think that things would be different in the Bush years but this would  most defiantly not be the situation.  The subsequent increase of the prison population for drug related crimes that would be non-violent in nature would continue to be on the rise.  All of which had its’ roots firmly set in place back during the Clinton years.  For all of the damage that President George W. Bush would do in regards to the War on Drugs it would be some of the people he would appoint, the people that he would put into positions of power that would make some of the greatest and longest reaching impacts. These exact individuals would actually go so far to continue to do their best damage right on through he next presidents administration. 

Michele Leonhart

DEA Badge


The saddest thing is that they would even get away with this.  But all of this would be coming to a head.  The next presidential candidate would stir up great thoughts and possibilities in the cannabis community.  But I am getting just a little ahead of my self in this brief re-telling of canna-political history.  Still here in the time frame of the Presidency of  George W. Bush there would be a pivotal figure that would emerge.   

Even though it would be late in the second term of his presidency; there would be an appointment of a critical foe against cannabis.  In November of 2007 a new administrator would be appointed as the head of the D.E.A.; Michele Leonhart and she would bring an incredible new zest to the cannabis witch hunt.  But again there was that hope.  There was supposed to be that new president on the horizon that might actually bring change.     

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