Cannabis Movies

It’s often said that marijuana has the unique, profound and deeply magical ability to make absolutely any movie fantastic. Indeed, there’s no denying that hitting the cinema or watching movies at home can be transformed into the most extraordinarily enjoyable experience by throwing a few joints into the mix.  And what’s more, it’s also perfectly possible that certain movie you previously had no interest in whatsoever suddenly becoming fantastic while high.

However…and it’s a pretty big however at that…there are certain examples of movies which no matter who you are and what you are into should never, ever be watched while high. The evidence supporting such warnings is documented in the experiences of thousands who readily flout them, only to wish they could take those 2 hours of their lives back…big time!

What makes for a movie that’s best avoided while high? Well, you basically need to think about all the things that represent a good stoner movie and list the exact opposite.

So at the risk of offending a few hard-core fans and followers of the titles we’ll be naming, here’s a quick rundown of 12 movies we personally believe you shouldn’t watch while high: