If you’ve made the decision to set up your very first cannabis plantation…well, first of all congratulations on heading one step closer to becoming a real connoisseur! That being said, there is one decision of extraordinary importance you need to make before even thinking about getting started.

Find any cannabis grower with an opinion on the whole clones versus seeds debate and chances are their opinion will be rather vigorous. It’s rare to come across anyone who sits on the fence with this particular argument – most having hardcore views on one side or the other. All of which can make it rather difficult for those new to the idea of cannabis cultivation to work out which method they themselves should go for

How is cloning different than growing directly from cannabis seeds?  Well, it’s basically a process whereby cuttings of existing mother plants are used to grow entirely separate plants – largely identical in every way to their parent. Some will tell you right off the bat that this represents nothing short of cheating, while others will say it’s nothing more than a fantastic common sense approach to growing fantastic cannabis.

But what’s the truth? Assuming you are a first time grower and you haven’t yet decided which strategies to adopt, would you be better off buying seeds or scoring yourself a few clones?

The truth is that both methods have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered before making a final decision.  Realistically, there’s no reason why you cannot produce simply fantastic results with either approach – it’s all about your own personal preferences, circumstances and beliefs.