Depending on where you happen to live, right now could very well be one of the most exciting periods in the history of cannabis use. After a seemingly endless period of ignorance and small-mindedness, we’re slowly but surely entering an era where both science and common sense are taking precedence over outdated assumptions and prejudice. Research suggests that more than 100 million United States citizens smoke pot either routinely or occasionally – a number which is only expected to continue climbing over the years to come.

Of course in many nations like the United Kingdom, the whole subject is still looked at with the same blinkered perspective as it was many decades ago.  Nevertheless, with more states and whole countries adopting their most relaxed rules on marijuana use to date, it’s no longer possible to simply sweep the issue under the carpet and pretend it isn’t important. It is, and it’s only getting more important all the time.

Weed culture is a part of modern culture, but has at the same time been part of global culture for much of recorded history. It’s hardly a new discovery or concept – it’s just that only now we’re beginning to find out exactly how beneficial it can be. Pot-bellied politicians can lobby all they like, but sooner or later cannabis will be entirely decriminalised across every nation and region that calls itself developed.

So in the meantime, here’s a quick round up of just a few facts about cannabis and its history which you might find somewhat eye-opening: