It’s not until medical professionals give their backing to weed legalisation that much of the world listens. Not that all the scientific evidence in the world will ever be enough to convince hard-line critics, but still…the more experts that take the side of common sense, the better.

Which is why this week’s developments have been significant to say the least. A former surgeon general and no less than 50 leading physicians have come together to form America’s first ever organisation of doctors with the primary goal of lobbying in the federal government and individual states to make big changes in marijuana policy, for the sake of public health. There’s nothing political about their mission and nor does it have anything to do with potential revenues.

As far as these experts are concerned, the public needs full marijuana legalisation and sensible regulation for health purposes.

Going by the name of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, the group’s approach to the subject is somewhat different from that of the American Medical Association. While the AMA likewise supports the ideal of cannabis legalisation for medical and medicinal purposes, DFCR members are lobbying for full legalisation or recreational cannabis too. As far as they’re concerned, public policy as it stands today is doing considerably more harm than good. And far from the usual cries with nothing but anecdotal evidence to present, the DFCR instead presents statistical and scientific evidence to support its calls for full legalisation.

By legalising cannabis on a widespread basis, the resulting effects would be an end to illicit drug trading, improved public safety and the freedom to extensively study the beneficial properties of marijuana for public use, the group claims.