For the vast majority of novice cannabis growers, growing outdoors isn’t a realistic option. The reason being that even if they happen to live in a climate that’s completely suitable for marijuana growth, the fact that cannabis cultivation is illegal somewhat dilutes the appeal of growing outdoors. And then of course there’s the small issue of actually having a garden or exterior space large enough to accommodate a marijuana plantation.

However, if you do happen to be lucky enough to have the luxury of choice, which way should you go? If it’s perfectly possible for you to set up your marijuana growing effort indoors or outdoors, which of the two presents the most advantageous?

Well, it’s pretty safe to say that you will get an entirely different answer and explanation from every weed enthusiast you ask. Some will tell you that outdoor growing really is the only way of growing high quality cannabis, while others will tell you that you’d have to be clinically insane not to set up a controlled and manageable indoor plantation.

In reality however, the truth falls somewhere in the middle. Or in other words, there are distinct advantages, disadvantages and considerations to be pondered with both options. We’re not about calling either of the options available to you ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in any way – it all comes down to which makes more sense in accordance with your priorities, intentions, capabilities and so on.

And let’s not forget, there’s always the option of taking indoor marijuana plants outdoors when the seasons/weather conditions warrant such movement, and vice-versa.