15 May at 11:21

Casey Jones – A Hybrid With a Spicy Fuel Taste

It doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out how the epic strain that is Casey Jones got its name. If you’re unfamiliar with this outstanding hybrid, it was engineered by master breeders using the genetics of Sour Diesel, Thai and Trainwreck. As you may or may not know, Casey Jones was the name of [...]

14 March at 10:54

A Diesel Strain That Is Truly an Incredible Hybrid

Having lent its name and genetics to just about more incredible hybrids than any other strain out there, the original Diesel strain is less legendary and more a critical part of pot history. Northern Lights and Super Skunk X were initially combined to create this truly incredible Diesel strain, which has the kind of global [...]

22 February at 10:41

Chemdawg Hybrid Strain

The one thing you’ll find out about Chemdawg’s origins upon doing a little research is that there are dozens of hotly disputed and debated theories. Suffice to say, we’re no closer to finding out the truth today than we ever were, but what we do know for sure is that this legendary strain was cooked [...]

15 February at 11:21

Gorilla Glue – A Serious Hybrid with 25% THC

Legend has it that Gorilla Glue is the result of an accident when cross-breeding Chem Sis and Sour Dubb which resulted in this seriously strong hybrid strain. At the same time, there are dozens of other stories that tell of entirely different origins. Not that it matters – we’re still talking about the same strain that has [...]

13 February at 10:32

Skunk #1 A Hybrid Strain That Brings Together the Best Landraces

An Indica dominant hybrid, Skunk #1 weed has been bringing a grin to the faces of marijuana aficionados for generations. Some claim that it was first bred in California then introduced to the Netherlands, while others say that the journey was made in the opposite direction. Perhaps we’ll never know the truth. The generally accepted [...]

6 February at 11:26

UK Cheese – The Best Ever Skunk #1 Phenotype

Given the fact that comparatively few epic cannabis strains come out of the United Kingdom, those that do, like UK Cheese, should really be celebrated. In fact, given the way in which cannabis legislation in the UK is so painfully restrictive and outdated, it’s a miracle we see anything from the Brits at all! One [...]

5 January at 10:30

Jet Fuel OG Strain- Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Jet Fuel OG Jet Fuel OG is a strain combining Aspen OG, Sour Diesel and Original Diesel which has a complicated lineage containing some truly world class strains. Even at first glance the look of this bud is majestic, the trichomes sparkle like millions of tiny interwoven diamonds and the colours are nothing short of breath-taking. A [...]

30 December at 2:04

Sour Diesel Hybrid Cannabis Strain Review

Sour Diesel, one of the most famous and celebrated of strains of all time to feature the Diesel ancestry, this is strain is nothing short of a global megastar. Originally cooked up in California, it didn’t take long for word about Sour Diesel to spread globally and secure its place in the cannabis history books. [...]

8 December at 11:45

California Kush – Hybrid Strain

If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid with a hit that’s strong but never overpowering, you could do a lot worse than check out California Kush. With an even 50%/50% split of Sativa and Indica genetics, this LA Confidential and Purps hybrid became an instant hit when it exploded on the scene in [...]

1 December at 11:17

Alien Kush – Hybrid Strain Review

Contrary to the name, Alien Kush was actually cooked up in California, as opposed to outer space. Still, it’s an absolutely awesome strain that’s balanced and controlled enough not to knock you clear out of the stratosphere to another planet. Alien Kush Flavour The engineers behind Alien Kush combined Alien Dog with Las Vegas Purple [...]

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