14 March at 10:54

Diesel A Strain That Is Truly an Incredible Hybrid

Having lent its name and genetics to just about more incredible hybrids than any other strain out there, the original Diesel strain is less legendary and more a critical part of pot history. Mexican Sativa and Afghani were initially combined to create this truly incredible Diesel strain, which has the kind of global following that tells [...]

7 March at 10:18

Lamb’s Bread – More Than Just Marley’s Favourite Strain

Some cannabis strains gain fame by being potent. With others, it’s all about flavour. Then there are those that deliver a unique high, generous yields or are simply easy to grow with no experience required. When it comes to Lamb’s Bread, or Lamb's Breath as some of you may know it, this legendary strain attained [...]

5 January at 10:30

Jet Fuel OG Strain- Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Jet Fuel OG is a strain combining Aspen OG, Sour Diesel and Original Diesel which has a complicated lineage containing some truly world class strains. Even at first glance the look of this bud is majestic, the trichomes sparkle like millions of tiny interwoven diamonds and the colours are nothing short of breath-taking. A silver effect runs through the [...]

21 December at 11:29

Thai Cannabis Sativa or Thai Sticks

You’ve no doubt seen the size, shape and prolific-ness of Thai cannabis plants in the movies. If you’ve seen The Beach from the year 2000, you’ll know what we’re talking about. And this is one time popular culture actually got something right, as if you set up your own Thai weed plantation, this is exactly [...]

19 December at 11:08

Panama Red a Classic Cannabis Sativa

This strain first hit the scene back in the 1960s and become an instant classic among cannabis connoisseurs. In fact, it was such a hit that it remained a staple on the scene all over the world right up until the 90s, when it began taking a somewhat more backseat position to the latest and [...]

29 November at 11:42

Allen Wrench Strain A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Take a dash of multi-award-winning NYC Diesel, add a touch of Trainwreck and you’ll have yourself a whole heap of Allen Wrench. Cooked up in the United States using mostly Sativa genetics, the Allen Wrench strain is proving to be a big hit across medicinal and recreational cannabis crowds alike. Allen Wrench Strain Effects There’s [...]

7 November at 3:23

A Train – A Cannabis Cup Runner Up

Taking its name from a haunt slightly further north, the A-Train strain shares its handle with a Manhattan subway line. Why? Well, you’ll get a different answer from almost every seasoned stoner you ask, but to be honest it’s not important. What is important is how A-Train is a hybrid combination of Trainwreck and Mazar [...]

4 November at 11:09

Amsterdam Haze – Powerful Buds With Big Yields

A cannabis strain with a name like this has a lot to live up to. Luckily, Amsterdam Haze doesn’t disappoint…not even a bit. There was a very ambitious plan in the minds of the Dutch geniuses that came up with Amsterdam Haze. Basically, they wanted to bring Indica flowering times over to a Sativa strain [...]

2 November at 11:15

Killer Purps – A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

When it was first announced that the folks at Bomb Seeds had come up with Killer Purps, it generated quite the buzz. Which is pretty apt, given the fact that it was produced by combining an unusual strain of Buzz Bomb with legendary Sour Diesel. With primarily Sativa genetics, it’s great for a mood boost [...]

25 October at 11:40

Buzz Light Gear by Dr Krippling Seeds

Combine Amnesia Haze, Kali Mist and G13 Haze and what do you get? Well, the answer is you get Sativa Buzz Light – a pure Sativa strain that really needs to become a part of your life. While it might not blast you clear into deep space, you can expect the kind of energising, cerebral [...]

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