22 November at 11:05

Pumpkin High is Easy as Pie: Medicated Pumpkin Pie Recipe

It’s Thanksgiving season and everyone is reserving their turkey birds and preparing for the annual feast. Usually, everyone brings a dish to dinner which makes the feast even greater. But, I think, the one thing everyone takes for granted is that the traditional dessert of Pumpkin Pie will just appear. Who actually makes it and [...]

23 November at 12:08

White Rhino – Indica Strain hitting 25% THC

Bringing together some of the very best attributes you’d expect from quality Afghani, Brazilian and Indian cannabis strains, White Rhino delivers the total package. Having scooped up the silver medal in the Bio category at the Cannabis Cup in 1996, its global fame was pretty much assured almost two decades ago. Today, it remains renowned [...]

1 November at 11:42

Video- How To Harvest, Trim And Dry Your Weed

How To Harvest, Trim and Dry Your Buds Watch as Pigeons 420 goes through the steps of trimming, bud washing and curing his White Widow crop. Find out which parts to keep for making  concentrates and Pigeon 420s methods. What You Will Need When you begin the process there are a few basic pieces of equipment you will [...]

19 October at 10:33

The Significance of Montana’s Medical Cannabis Vote

Anyone planning a trip to the USA next year could be visiting a very different country than the one that exists today. As of January 1st 2017, a further nine North American states may have radically overhauled policies on how marijuana is controlled and distributed. Early November will see tens of millions head out to [...]

5 October at 3:25

Video- Maine Yes On Question 1

Maine-It's About Time Yes on 1: Regulate and Tax Marijuana in Maine. This is the first advert screened in support of the YES campaign. The video features Mark Dion former Beat Officer and Sheriff of Maine. Mark thinks Cannabis should be regulated because the time spent giving citations for Marijuana can be used to catch serious offenders. To [...]

4 October at 4:42

Video- Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative 2016 Yes Advert

Retired Boston Police Lieutenant Tom Nolan is Voting Yes Watch the video to find out why Retired Police Lieutenant Tom Nolan is voting yes on question 4. This video is from the Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative 2016 Youtube account. He is supporting it because it will bring in millions of dollars every year in tax revenues. This [...]

23 September at 5:17

Video-Cannabis Helps Parkinson’s Disease Tremor Control

Ian has early onset Parkinson's Disease and uses Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) to help control his symptoms. With the news that MPs in the UK have called for Cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes Ian decided to forgo his DBS and show the effect that cannabis can have on his symptoms. For this video Ian [...]

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