16 May at 1:00

Theresa May Won’t Legalise Because Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

British Prime Minister Theresa May, yesterday said that she will not be legalizing cannabis in the UK because she believes that cannabis can lead to mental health problems and acts as a gateway to Heroin use. This comes hot on the heels of the Liberal Democrats pledge to legalise cannabis if elected. Yesterday on a Facebook [...]

18 October at 11:22

New Wave of Legal High Hospitalisations in Britain

Over recent months, the United States has been blighted by an outbreak of dangerous reactions to a variety of semi-legal highs – some of which have proved fatal. So-called ‘synthetic cannabis’ (which has nothing to do with the real stuff whatsoever) has led to thousands of hospitalisations, a wave of bizarre behaviour among users and [...]

14 October at 11:54

Landmark Statement for the UK as MHRA Finally Accepts Cannabis Can Be Beneficial

If you happen to live in the United Kingdom, you’ll know that the British government has one of the most blinkered views on drug policy anywhere in the world. An advanced nation in many ways, but when it comes to common sense and drug policy…not so much. Let’s not forget that this was and is [...]

10 October at 12:51

Scotland To Vote On Medical Marijuana Use

Newly appointed SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon gestures to the audience during her speech at the annual party conference at Perth Concert Hall, Scotland. SNP To Vote On MMJ Laws In May of 2016 Nicola Sturgeon backed calls for relaxing the laws on Cannabis use in "specific cases" of people with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. [...]

29 September at 4:42

Cross-Party Group of MPs Demands the UK Government Considers Medical Cannabis

  Cross-Party Group of MPs Demands the UK Government Considers Medical Cannabis Expert Recommendations   Just this week, a group of MPs and peers led by Lady Meacher published a report, suggesting that the time has come to revisit and rework medical cannabis policy in the UK. Following an in-depth inquiry into the beneficial properties [...]

31 August at 11:14

Cannabis Is Pretty Much Decriminalised in Britain…Sort Of

Unfortunate as it may be, chances are it is still going to be an incredibly long time before cannabis is legalized in the United Kingdom. In fact, judging by the blinkered views of those making the decisions we are forced to live by, it may never happen. The rest of the world seems to be [...]

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