2 March at 10:52

How and Why Do We Use Decarboxylation When Making Cannabis Edibles?

Questions Answered about Decarboxylation You’ve probably heard the word thrown around and might understand that it has some sort of importance when you light up. It’s a big scientific word, but what does it have to do with your high? Here are your answers to the basics of decarbing your herb. Decarboxylation Definition Decarboxylation is [...]

30 December at 4:27

Lathering Liaison: Easy-to-make Cannabis Lotion

I have recently become a creator of my own homemade cannabis lotion. Cheap, store-bought lotions often have an ingredients list that take up the whole back label and are filled with chemicals that are difficult to pronounce. My concerns arose when I found out about Oxybenzone and Octinoxate which are common ingredients in sunscreens. Theses [...]

21 October at 11:07

Video Guide- Making Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Cannabis infused coconut oil Why Coconut Oil? Cannabis infused coconut oil, or vegan cannabutter if you prefer, is something that has become popular in recent times and is now found in a range of cannabis products. It is used in everything from edibles to body care products but why is it so popular? [...]

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