Cannabis infused coconut oil

Cannabis infused coconut oil

Why Coconut Oil?

Cannabis infused coconut oil, or vegan cannabutter if you prefer, is something that has become popular in recent times and is now found in a range of cannabis products. It is used in everything from edibles to body care products but why is it so popular? Firstly you may have noticed the trend for coconut oil in health food shops and as part of many new diets. It has been found that the unique fatty acid combinations actually have an effect on raising your metabolism which can help you lose weight. However this isn’t the reason you find it in so many cannabis products, even though its a nice to know it is much healthier than other products used for edibles such as butter.

The real advantage of using coconut oil is actually in its high fat content. When making infusions using cannabis it is important that there is a high fat content for the CBD and THC cells to bond to. coconut oil typically has around an 80% saturated fat content in comparison to other products such as butter 50% and Olive Oil which contains 14% saturated fat.


A further benefit of using coconut oil is the ability to store the finished product at room temperature and for it to remain solid. In this state it can then be used as a topical. Topicals such as lotions, balms and oils are used for localised pain relief, inflammation and general soreness. In this state they don’t produce a high that you would normally associate with cannabis use which is great if you just want to use the cannabis infused coconut oil for its medical benefits. Of course you can use the oil to cook with if you want to experience the high that the THC infused oil can bring and in this case you just use the oil in place of your normal cooking oils.

Making Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

If you decide to make your own cannabis oil you don’t need too much. Just a jar of coconut oil, your cannabis, a cheesecloth, a piece of string, a cooking pan and some hot water. With those few basic pieces of equipment you don’t need any skill to produce your own infused oil, just a little patience.

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