Realistically,it’s impossible to avoid building a somewhat developed and strong tolerance toTHC over time. It’s the same with any drug – the more you use it, the greaterthe resistance your body develops to it and the more you need. Some stay inlightweight territory for their entire lives, but most will inevitably findthemselves struggling to reach the same high after years of continuous cannabisuse.

Sooneror later, showing off about your enormousTHC  tolerancebecomes something of a hollow victory. You may be a legend in the eyes ofinexperienced stoners, but the inability to get high is no laughing matter. Thehigher your tolerance climbs, the more you have to smoke (and spend) to achieveeven the remotest buzz.

Thequestion being – what can you do to combat an immense THC tolerance, withoutresorting to extremes?

Mercifully,there are countless avenues to explore that can make a real difference. So ifyou’re finding it increasingly difficult to get high, consider trying one (ormore) of the following:

1.  Experiment with new strains

Firstup, just because you’re almost completely immune to one strain doesn’t meanyou’ll have the same resistance to an entirely different strain. Believe it ornot, it’s exclusively about the THCcontent of the cannabis you consume. It’s therefore worth experimenting with ahandful of new strains – ideally something you’ve never tried before.  Every cannabis strainproduces its own unique high, so it could be as simple as a stepping out ofyour comfort zone on occasion.

2.  Focus more on quality

Ofcourse, it could also be that the cannabis you’ve been buying simply isn’t ofsufficient quality to get the job done. If you’re relying on a dodgy dealer orbargain-basement dispensary, why not step things up a little? Or perhaps evenconsider growing your own? If the cannabis you buy is bogus, you can’t expect itto have the desired effect. Try to avoid cutting corners on quality, even if itmeans spending a little more.

3. Givevaping a try

Like itor loathe it, the vaping revolution is here to stay. And with good reason, as aquality vaporising gadget can extract far more THC from a cannabis nug than anycomparable piece of smoking paraphernalia. It may mean putting yourlongstanding beliefs and scruples to one side, but give vaping a try just onceand you may be blown away by the results. Particularly useful if trying to gainmaximum ‘bang for buck’ with every baggie you buy.

4. Eatit

One ofthe best ways of getting maximum THC into your system and keeping it there foras long as possible is to switch to edibles. Of course, some would argue thatsimply chowing-down on cannabis eliminates much of the ceremony that adds tothe enjoyment. Nevertheless, it’s a means to an end – one that could get you higherthan smoking the stuff. Try to remember that cannabis edibles aren’texclusively about boring brownies and biscuits. Get creative in the kitchen anddiscover an entire new world of cannabis cuisine to explore.

5. Getmore exercise

Gettingup and active is a tried, tested and verified way to combat an excessive THCtolerance. Along with giving your body the energy it needs to do its business,exercise also triggers the release of endorphins and other goodies. All ofwhich interact with the cannabis you consume to create the buzz you’re chasing.The fitter and healthier you are, the more likely you are to get high as a kitewith just a tiny amount of THC needed.

6. Cutdown (temporarily)

Ifyou’re already struggling to get high, there’s no harm cutting down on yourcannabis consumption for a short while at least. Eliminate about 50% of yourusual consumption for a few weeks, after which you may find that stepping backup to your prior consumption level has the desired impact. You could be lookingat a couple of rather challenging weeks, but you may find the payoff more thanworth the effort.

7. Takea tolerance break

Ifyou’re serious about taking your tolerance down a hefty notch or two, you couldalways go the whole-hog with a tolerance break. This means practically orcompletely eliminating cannabis from your routine, giving your body sufficienttime to detox and eliminate every trace of THC from your system.  Sooner or later, your tolerance will returnto the same level as the very first time you picked up a joint.  It’s up to you how long you abstain for, butkeep it going for a while and you’re golden.

8.Consider concentrates

Lastbut not least, if you cannot bear to reduce your intake and a tolerance breakis out of the question, there’s a world of cannabis concentrates to explore.It’s up to you whether you make your own or buy a batch from a reputableseller, but stepping up to concentrates really can open up a whole new world. Manyquality cannabis concentrates pack THC in the realms of 60% and up – more than double the potency of any mainstreamcannabis strain. You could also try moon rocks, which combine a whole bunch ofcannabis strains and forms into one glorious nugget of mind-blowing magic.


Whilean excessive THC tolerance isn’t necessarily something to be proud of, it can alsobe borderline inevitable. If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, you’dthen find yourself needing more of the stuff to achieve the same effects.  Hence, the best approach is to consider thetips listed here before your tolerancespirals out of control.

Still,if that particular ship has sailed, a tolerance break could still bring youback down to earth. Unpleasant it may be, but it’s a means to an end – and onethat’s (almost) guaranteed to work.