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These days, becoming a superstar in any music genre takes a lot more than making good music. Hitting the big time means being as proficient on the business side of things as you are in the studio. In fact, the latter of the two can be even more important. Most musicians don’t like to talk about things like ‘branding’ and nor do many enjoy their art being referred to as a business venture. But at the same time, those who’ve built the biggest empires on earth – Dr. Dre for one – know the value of snapping up a business opportunity when it comes knocking.

The Game is a Prominent Cannabis Supporter

It’s pretty exciting time in the United States right now for anyone with an interest in cannabis. Likewise, for anyone interested in getting in at ground level and making the most of the fledgling cannabis industry. Which is precisely what a growing number of musicians are doing – exploring their entrepreneurial side and tapping into massive consumer audiences now able to access legal cannabis for the very first time.

One of the latest examples of which being The Game – one of the world’s most famous and successful rap stars who’s also made his voice heard as a prominent cannabis supporter throughout his career. It was technically something of a no brainer for The Game to get into the cannabis industry, which he’s done by becoming an official partner in a California dispensary – one of comparatively few that is already up and running legally.

The Reserve Dispensary

The Game Marijuana-Dispensary-Owner

The Reserve Dispensary

The Reserve is situated in Santa Ana and is fully licensed to distribute medical marijuana, in accordance with all applicable state rules and regulations. As it stands, it is unlikely that the commercial sale of recreational cannabis will begin in the United States for at least another year, which for the time being means something of a monopoly for licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. The only problem being that unless you have been provided with an official medical cannabis card from a licenced doctor, you won’t be sold a scrap of the stuff.

According to an official statement released by the dispensary, the decision of The Game to partner up with the business represents the very first time any kind of musician or star has joined forces with a legal cannabis dispensary in California. Rather than simply pushing cannabis and cannabis products as a means to get high, The Game spoke of the way in which he and those who share his concerns “finally have a platform to legally cultivate and sell a plant that saves lives and is changing our world in a positive way.”

Medical Cannabis

He also stated that his decision to get involved in the distribution of medical cannabis rather than any other area of the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry was influenced by those closest to him,

“I felt a responsibility to my family, and the rest of the cannabis community, to do this the right way,” he said.

Not that this is the first time The Game has dipped into the business side of cannabis, of course. Last year, he started on the path toward creating a number of entirely new strains in conjunction with G FarmaBrands. It’s a project that will eventually lead to unique strains cooked up by The Game making an appearance in a wide variety of cannabis products – one of which being a deeply interesting lemonade. In addition, The Game will be working on an additional set of new strains that will initially be made available exclusively at The Reserve, before making their way to other dispensaries and retail outlets across the country.

The Game is the first Rapper to partner with a dispensary but who will next? Let us know in the comments below.