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Cannabis in 2016

2016 has been a great year for cannabis legalization and cannabis knowledge. In the USA alone we have seen the balance shift so there are now more states with legal Medical Marijuana than without, we have also seen countries introduce medical cannabis bills such as Australia, South Africa and IrelandThe SNP in Scotland have demanded MMJ, Berlin are considering recreational rules and even the UK has seen ministers and Police chiefs demand change.  This is all off the back of increased knowledge of what cannabis can really do for people, not all of the knowledge is new to those who were already converted by the healing plant that cannabis is.

What’s the biggest difference between pro-pot activists and cannabis critics? Apart from the obvious, it’s the way in which the former of the two groups bases its arguments on science. Facts. Evidence. Reality. By contrast, critics buy into the senseless propaganda that’s been doing the rounds for generations, refusing outright to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence right there in front of them.

They do stick to their guns though – no arguing with that.

Still, 2016 has once again brought along a huge stockpile of evidence that flies right in the face of those who claim cannabis is dangerous. The year has seen studies covering a diverse range of topics from effects on IQ, are cannabis users slimmer than average non user, the cost of healthcare, how likely you are to get in a car accident whilst high and are young people really more likely to consume cannabis in legal states. So for anyone who prefers to side with logic, reason and science, here’s a bunch more fodder to add to your arsenal that we can use in 2017 to further the cause:

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