medical cannabis

There are times when you have to wonder exactly what is going through the minds of those who insist on telling you that cannabis is an outright menace.  The answer in some instances is of course nothing at all, but given the fact that scientific evidence has been building the strongest possible case in favour of medicinal marijuana use for decades, why on earth hasn’t the point been drilled home by now?

Chances are it’s unlikely we are going to see the cannabis-revolution the world needs within our own lifetimes. As we previously reported, a pathetic 6% of all cannabis studies to date performed on a global basis have focused on the way in which marijuana could be used for medicinal and general health purposes.  Seriously – quite a depressing statistic. Which in turn means that by the time enough studies have been carried out to know exactly how fantastic marijuana is with any degree of comprehensiveness, we’ll all be long gone!

So in the meantime, here’s yet another rundown of just a small selection of the reasons why anyone and everyone in their right mind should be championing the advancement of weed research, legalization and controlled use:

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