What will I need to grow cannabis at home

If you’ve always simply assumed that growing cannabis indoors is easier than growing it outdoors…well, you’re only half right. The reason being that if you happen to live in the kind of region where the weather conditions are optimal for weed growth, growing outdoors technically involves zero work whatsoever. Nature takes care of everything, leaving you with nothing to do but harvest and enjoy.

By contrast, when you grow indoors it is you and you alone that controls absolutely everything your plants need to grow and thrive. On the surface, the idea of maintaining optimum growing conditions comes across as relatively easy. In practice, it can be considerably trickier than expected. On the plus side, indoor growing is something that can be attempted almost anywhere on the planet – assuming of course it is legal to do so. But rather than underestimate what is involved, it is much better to familiarise yourself with both the process and what you will be needing, before even thinking about getting started.

So just to cover the absolute basics for absolute newcomers to home growing, here’s a quick rundown of 10 things you are absolutely going to need:

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