Chances are that even centuries down the line, the world will still be debating whether marijuana or alcohol represents the bigger public menace. We live in an era where mass confusion and contradictory governmental policies are pretty much the everyday standard. Some say it comes down to the incompetence of officials, while others believe it’s all a well-engineered effort to keep us all under control. Whatever it is, it’s pretty damn annoying – something the majority would most likely agree on.

The biggest argument against cannabis legalisation in the United Kingdom (and plenty of other countries) is that it apparently poses a direct threat to public health. Even when considering the billions that would be contributed to the economy in tax revenues, government leaders are apparently still unable to justify decriminalisation. But at the same time, the two drugs that kill more people on the face of the Earth than any others are 100% legal and taxed into oblivion. So it’s a case of these drugs and their tax contributions being fine, but this one certainly is not.

Suffice to say, annoying as hell. And that counts double when you consider the fact that cannabis is right now being discussed more frequently and openly by politicians than ever before. It’s just unfortunate the most of them live in a different era and favour their own opinions over science.