Best Cannabis Strains for High Yields

What are the best cannabis strains for high yields? What matters most when it comes to growing cannabis will always differ from one person to the next. As far as some are concerned, THC concentrations are the be all and end all. In medical marijuana crowds, it might be CBD that takes precedence. Some prefer strains that are easy to grow, some grow purely for flavour and then there are those that are all about the prettiest plants in existence. And of course, one thing that the vast majority of growers have in common is the desire to come out with healthy, generous yields.

Now, it’s worth pointing out at this stage that yields don’t count for jack if the cannabis you grow is garbage. Even if you end up with kilos of the stuff, it’s of no real use to you if it’s no good. Instead, it’s a case of balancing yield with what else matters…quality cannabis. Which means that when you’re out to find a heavy-yielding strain, you need to be careful to ensure you pick a strain that’s also up to scratch.

Which is why we thought we’d do the legwork for you, in order to share our best cannabis strains for high yields. Only with these ladies, you’ll be in for far more than quantity alone – each and every one of them also promises epic quality.

The 9 Best Cannabis Strains for High Yields

Jack Herer

We probably shouldn’t need to tell you too much about Jack Herer – one of the most famous and popular strains on Earth. The man himself may no longer be with us, but his legacy as a prominent cannabis activist lives on in a big way. Jack Herer has a gorgeously exotic and spicy flavour, with a hit that’s euphoric and relaxing at the same time. In terms of growing, plants measure in at around the 160cm mark with flowering times of 10 weeks or so. As for those yields, work your magic with Jack Herer and he might just pay you back with more than 500g for every square metre. Pretty epic given the quality of Jack Herer.

Cinderella 99

The name itself may be something of a mystery, but one thing we know for sure about Cinderella 99 is that it doesn’t screw around. It was declared one of the top strains of 2009 by High Times, the high is one of a hard-hitting cerebral rush followed by a buzz that won’t quit and it has the most delightful pineapple-citrus taste when smoked. You can expect THC concentrations of about 15% with flowering times coming in at around the seven-week mark. Yields of 400g per square metre might not sound like a lot, but it’s ridiculously easy to grow and promises some of the fastest pay-offs around.

Cluster Bomb

It’s a pretty apt name, given the way in which THC concentrations that stray above 20% are enough to level most amateurs after a couple of hits. Cluster Bomb produces wonderfully fruity, berry-tinged buds that smoke like a dream, with a mild cerebral hit coupled with a head-to-toe body stone. Great for poor appetite and insomnia, not to mention lazy nights on the couch. If you’re out to grow your own, expect plants in the region of 120cm in height, which have the potential to produce yields of a whopping 800g for every square metre.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express Cannabis nug

Pineapple Express

You know it, you love and it and you really should have a crack at growing your own. What’s great about Pineapple Express is the fact that not only is it a great strain in general, but it’s perfect if you’re dealing with limited space. The plants only tend to hit about 50cm in height, though can produce about 25g to 30g each. Not huge, but pretty amazing if you’re working in a very confined area. THC comes in at around the 15% mark and the exotic aroma of the fresh buds will have your mouth watering day and night.

White Widow

One of the most famous and important strains on Earth, White Widow is also a dream to grow at home. Plants tend to grow in the region of 100cm in height and will do pretty well outdoors, even in cooler northern climates. THC levels tend to hover around 20% or more, while the classic fragrance, taste and hit of White Widow need no introduction at all. All of this, plus the promise of around 600g for every square metre, if you get it right.

Incredible Bulk

High Yields of Incredible Bulk cannabis

Incredible Bulk, the clues in the name

With a name like Incredible Bulk, you’d expect a generous strain to say the least. And that’s exactly what you get, not to mention a strain that also happens to be massively resistant to mould, disease and the kinds of mistakes amateurs are bound to make along the way. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with plenty of THC at work, which equates to a gorgeously balanced and enjoyable smoke. Indoors or out, flowering times come in at a low eight weeks and you’ll be rewarded with yields consistently in excess of 550g per square metre.

OG Kush

The classic of classics, the fact that OG Kush is so easy to grow with a basic hydroponics setup is nothing short of a gift. The choice of connoisseurs the world over and the winner of countless awards, it kicks like a mule, grows like a dream and never fails to impress. THC content of around 25% or higher is common when provided with optimum growing conditions, flowering times weigh in at a low eight weeks and you’ll usually get at least half a kilo from every square metre.

Cherry Bomb

Another epic strain that offers generous yields from comparatively small plants, you won’t regret setting off this particular Cherry Bomb. Simply gorgeous in flavour and with an instant cerebral high that mellows into a relaxing full-body stone, Cherry Bomb plants rarely reach beyond 120cm in height. They’re also very forgiving, with eight-week flowering times and THC levels hovering around a generous 22%. As for those yields, how does up to 700g for every square metre sound?

Moby Dick

Last but not least, Moby Dick was formulated by combining the genetics of award-winning White Widow and Haze…which pretty much says all that needs to be said about its epicness. It has an amazingly complex flavour profile and a mellow-yet-uplifting high, with THC levels in the region of 20% or higher. It demands a good amount of space – plants hitting 200cm indoors and often more than 300cm outdoors. Not that it isn’t worth it – how about yields as high as 1.5kg per square metre? Not exactly a back-bedroom grow-cupboard strain, but give it the space it needs and you might just hit the jackpot!

Now you know what the best cannabis strains for high yields are you may want to add them to your grow. If you want to purchase seeds for these strains and many more visit our friends here.

What are your best cannabis strains for high yields? Let us know in the comments below.