Kicking things off right at the top of the scale, the vast majority of experts agree that in terms of efficiency alone, there really is nothing that comes close to the vaporizer. The reason being that not only does a quality vaporizer allow you to get a seriously high quality and enjoyable hit of THC the first time around, but it also preserves the bud you don’t smoke at the time for a second or third hit later.  This is because it doesn’t physically burn the cannabis itself, as would be the case with a standard pipe, bong or joint. You put the cannabis in, you use as much as you want at the time and whatever you don’t use is still 100% intact and can be used for anything else. Vaporizers are also uniquely fantastic due to their ability to vaporize the oils and waxes in your buds, delivering them right to where they need to be with total efficiency. Even if you aren’t really into the idea of using them, there is no more efficient way of ingesting THC.