Just to nail one very important point before going any further, no…we don’t think freaking out anyone who’s had too much is a good idea. Taking advantage of someone else’s steadily-accelerating freak-out for your own entertainment really isn’t cool. So when it comes to freaking out the already-freaking, we say no…don’t even do it.

However, there’s a big difference between taking advantage of someone and finally getting one up on the guy that’s been begging for it for so long. Maybe they’re the usual prankster? Maybe they’ve got balls of steel and need bringing down a peg? Or maybe it’s an initiation for a newcomer to the group that’s well overdue? In any and all cases, we say make with the pranks…and do it properly!

You’ve probably got a thousand ideas already, but we figured we’d do the rounds to harvest some of the more creative, effective pranks that haven’t already been done to death. Some require more prep than others, but the result will usually be well worth the effort!

Just don’t go blaming us if any of them backfire…we accept no liability for the consequences of your dumb (yet hilarious) actions!